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Must Haves from MEO


Must Haves from MEO 

The trend barometer predicts a sexy year. We reveal which must-haves should not be missing in your bedroom.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 162 items

Sex trends: All the hot trends at a glance

Do you already know the latest sex trends? If you want to bring new wind between the sheets at home, you've come to the right place.

Sex trends are heating up our love life. Figging, the Kivin method, masturdating, CFNM, nutting, swaddling, tittoing, kunyaza and the hummingbird are just a few of the sex trends we have encountered so far. Many trends provide new fire in bed, others are life-threatening, such as barebacking. Therefore, you should never copy or try every sex trend and every love game from the net.

Hot trends: these sex trends exist

There are some sex trends and ideas that have proven themselves over the years and are practiced by many couples. We would like to introduce some of them to you here.

Slow Sex:

Slow sex describes mindful sex that is quiet, sensual and with a lot of body contact instead of hurried and sweaty. The focus is not on a quick orgasm, but on the unity and togetherness of the relationship between two people. The longer Slow Sex lasts, the greater the perceived happiness is noticeable. Hard to beat in terms of intimacy.


Pegging involves anally pleasuring the partner with a strap-on dildo. A very intimate project, which should definitely be agreed upon beforehand. Both parties should want to have this kind of sex and live out the same fantasies.


In our sex toy test, we have already introduced you to the best sex toys, and it is hard to imagine a household without them. Clitoral suckers like the Womaniser provide intense orgasms for women and even ensure that women who have difficulty reaching orgasm experience a climax. They increase pleasurable sensations and bring a new zest to sex life.


Karezza is about suppressing orgasm when possible. Satisfaction is not the first priority in this case, rather closeness and intimacy.


Barebacking describes anal sex without a condom and is one of the very dangerous trends.


CFNM stands for "Clothed Female Naked Male" and comes from BDSM circles. Here, the woman remains fully clothed while the man is naked. A shallow love game and a good idea to reverse the typical power relations.


The Figging sex trend comes from the BDSM scene and describes sex with a ginger bulb. Sounds crazy and is definitely not for the faint of heart. Thus, people are supposed to come to orgasm through the pleasure pain, while the essential oils from the ginger irritate the mucous membrane and excite receptors.

Labia kiss:

The labia kiss is said to make sex an even more intense experience. Here, especially the man profits while the penis is not inserted, but the woman sits on him and the muscles of the vagina are tightened and relaxed again. Thus, the penis is stimulated from the outside and will blow your partner's mind.

Kivin Method:

With the Kivin method, you should reach orgasm after a maximum of eight minutes. Responsible for this is the K-spot, which is stimulated with the hand or the ring. It is located on the sides of the clitoris, about an inch below the highest point.


The sex trend Sounding is dangerous and intense at the same time. In this, the man inserts a urethral vibrator or sex toy into the urethra, the stretching is perceived as very stimulating. Perhaps one of the trends that we do not necessarily have to integrate into our sex life.

As you can see, there are no limits to sex trends. But be sure not to practice anything you don't want to. You should feel comfortable at all times. Don't try anything out of love for your partner that makes you uncomfortable or even causes you pain. You also have a say when it comes to having sex together. Listen to your mind and your body and don't put up with anything you don't want to.