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Dildos & Butt Plugs


Dildos & Butt Plugs 

Anal Dildos & Butt Plugs for every taste and in any size. 


  • A double dildo fills all the orifices of the body to the extreme. Kinky sandwich sex with a double dildo is double the fun, brings new energy and more variety into your sex life.

  • These dildos are highly presentable. Large selection of dildos for beginners and pros-

  • The new generation realistic dildo 3.0 - ready when you are

    A modern, realistic generation 3.0 dildo is better than a real penis. Looks like the real thing, feels like the real thing and is ready at all times.

  • Enjoy anal orgasms, alone or as a couple with a butt plug or anal plug. Experience wonderful feelings like never before with a butt plug deep inside you.

  • The sensation of bein filled by an inflateable dildo or butt plug is indescribable.

  • Every dogboy needs a nice wiggly rubber tail.

  • HAM’R dildos are designed for serious players! These dildos with handle are used for longer, deeper and faster play.

  • MEO knows what your hungry hole needs: Extreme length, a large diameter, unusual textures and a convincing material that is sufficiently firm and at the same time flexible, so you feel it in exactly the right places, deep inside you!

  • Crackstuffers dildos are the best choice for experienced ass pirates. All sizes and designs are available immediately at sensational prices.

  • Buy glass dildos online - at MEO you will find a stylish selection of glass dildos and sex toys made of glass. Buy glass dildos online now from MEO!

  • Miamaxx, whether you are playing with somebody or doing it by yourself. At the touch of a button, Miamaxx extends in and out just like a good fucker.

  • MEO's luxury butt plug with crystal is a fine piece of jewellery and sparkles like a gem! With the glittering stone, it ensures variety during sex.

  • Anal ecstasy guaranteed: It’s up to you: Pop your ass - Ride your ass - Smother your ass! Extreme shapes, perfect sizes for beginners, advanced users and professionals as well as stimulating nubs. Added to this is the impressive material that is sufficiently firm and at the same time flexible, so you feel your Bubble Toys in exactly the right places, deep inside you!

  • The result of imaginations running wild, each Sinnovator dildo or butt plug starts its journey as a simple idea that is lovingly nurtured into a fantastic final product.