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An ass lock is a combination of cock ring and butt plug. With each movement of your penis you get some hot anal stimulation at the same time.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items

Asslocks are a combination butt plug and cock ring that can provide intense sensations. The name "Asslock" is a combination of the words "ass" and "lock" and aptly describes the basic operation of this men's sex toy. The butt plug is inserted into the anus and the cock ring is placed around the penis shaft and/or balls. In this way, two stimulating elements are combined in a single sex toy that simultaneously enhances erection and increases anal pleasure.

There are a variety of Asslock products available in MEO's online store, differing in size, shape, material and additional features. Here are a few examples:

The classic asslock consists of a simple silicone or metal cock ring connected by a bar to an equally simple butt plug. These models are often very sturdy and can be used by both beginners and experienced users.

The vibrating asslock: Some asslocks have vibrators built into the butt plug that can add to the anal pleasure. These models can often be controlled by a remote or smartphone app and offer a variety of vibration patterns and intensities.

The inflatable asslock: These models allow the butt plug to be inflated to a larger diameter. This allows for custom sizing and can result in more intense sensations.

The Metal asslock: These models are made of metal and offer a very different feel than their silicone counterparts. They are also often heavier, which can lead to additional stimulation.

The prostate stimulator asslock: Some models have a special shape that can stimulate the prostate when the butt plug is inserted. This type of asslock can be especially interesting for men who appreciate the stimulating effect on the prostate.

As with all sex toys, hygiene and safety are important when using asslocks. This means, among other things, that the Asslock should be thoroughly cleaned before and after use and that a suitable lubricant should always be used.