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Anal Plug / Butt Plug


Anal Plug / Butt Plug 

At MEO, you'll find butt plugs that you won't find anywhere else. Specialized in butt plugs from XS to XXXXL, for pros and beginners, anal stretching, lockable butt plugs and 24/7 butt plugs.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 254 items

Discover the world of anal pleasure with butt plugs in the MEO online store!

Butt plugs have firmly established themselves in the multifaceted world of erotic toys. The MEO online store presents an exquisite selection of these special pleasure providers for anyone who wants to take their sexual well-being to a new level. Whether you're a beginner on a journey of discovery or an experienced connoisseur looking to expand your repertoire, a butt plug from our range could soon become your new favorite toy.

Butt plugs are not only a gateway to undiscovered areas of pleasure, but also offer the opportunity to deepen intimacy with yourself or your partner. The MEO online store embodies the diversity and individuality of sexual preferences with a wide range of butt plugs. From small, gently curved models for beginners to sophisticated and larger versions for butt plug connoisseurs, MEO offers the right product for every taste and experience level.

The popularity of butt plugs is due to their versatility and their ability to stimulate deep nerve pathways. They are toys that increase sensitivity, intensify the perception of one's own body and can lead to explosive climaxes. The MEO online store knows how to emphasize this special stimulation with a range that extends from high-quality, body-friendly materials to innovative designs.

Discover the world of MEO, your butt plug online store that exceeds the expectations of all butt plug lovers with care and expertise. Each model in the range is described in detail so that you can inform yourself about the products at your leisure. MEO not only offers a sophisticated selection of butt plugs for every taste, but also the necessary discretion and excellent customer service to help you choose your perfect butt plug.

Ready for an unforgettable experience? Immerse yourself in the world of butt plugs and find your personal key to new dimensions of pleasure at MEO, the online store for erotic pleasures.

Basics: What are butt plugs and how are they used?

Butt plugs - these exciting toys stimulate the imagination and entice lovers of anal pleasure in many shapes and sizes. But what exactly is behind these seductive accessories? A butt plug is a specially designed sex toy that is inserted into the anus. Its ergonomic shape allows for gentle stretching and prolonged stimulation of the anal nerve endings.

The special thing about the butt plug from the MEO online store is its versatility. Whether in preparation for anal sex, to enhance orgasm or simply for self-exploration - butt plugs provide unique moments of pleasure and add a tingling component to your sex life. They are very easy to use: with a little lube, they glide gently into position and provide a long-lasting, fulfilling feeling.

MEO offers butt plugs that are suitable for both solo adventures and play for two. These toys not only promote blood flow and sensitivity in the anal area, but also stimulate the prostate in men or the G-spot in women. It is the composition of shape, pressure and movement that leads to intense experiences and sometimes surprisingly strong orgasms when using butt plugs.

You can find a large selection of butt plugs in our online store - from elegantly curved silicone plugs to luxurious metal or glass versions. Every plug from the MEO online store is designed to provide maximum pleasure for both beginners and advanced users. With a butt plug from MEO, you can be sure that you are choosing a product that is carefully crafted, comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Whether you are looking for stimulation within your own four walls or a small, discreet toy for pleasure on the go - a butt plug from the MEO online store will be a trusted companion. Discover the fascinating selection of butt plugs that impress with their quality and performance and ignite the fire of your anal adventures!

Materials: quality you can feel - butt plugs made from different materials

The MEO online store knows that not only the shape and size, but also the material of a butt plug is crucial for individual pleasure. That's why we offer a large selection of butt plugs made of different materials to suit everyone's personal preferences and needs.

Silicone butt plugs:

In the world of sex toys, silicone butt plugs are becoming increasingly popular. Their triumphant advance in the bedrooms of the world is due in no small part to the flexibility and pleasant skin feel that silicone butt plugs offer. This type of butt plug is particularly popular with those who value comfort and body contouring. The MEO online store has recognized this demand and has put together an extensive range of silicone butt plugs with an impressive variety of shapes, sizes and colors - ideal for beginners to the world of anal toys as well as for connoisseurs who appreciate the gentle pressure of high-quality silicone plugs.

The wonderful flexibility of silicone butt plugs contributes significantly to their comfort. They are easy to insert and adjust, which makes getting started particularly pleasant. The silicone versions of butt plugs are therefore an excellent choice for beginners who are gaining their first experience with anal stimulation. The soft, supple material of silicone butt plugs adapts ideally to the contours of the body, supported by the natural body temperature that the silicone quickly takes on.

Another important advantage of silicone butt plugs is their safety and hygiene. Silicone is a non-porous material, which means that it does not absorb bacteria or germs that could cause infections. This makes silicone butt plugs particularly hygienic and easy to clean. All you need to do is wash them after each use with warm water and mild soap or use a special toy cleaner. For added safety, silicone butt plugs can also be boiled, which makes them easy to sterilize.

The range of silicone butt plugs offered in the MEO online store is of selected quality. Each plug is manufactured under strict safety precautions and pollutant controls and offers users a carefree and pleasurable experience. Many people with sensitive skin or allergies find the silicone butt plugs from MEO a reliable and body-friendly alternative.

The variety of shapes of silicone butt plugs in the MEO online store ranges from classic designs with soft, rounded tips to innovative creations that are specifically designed to stimulate the prostate or other sensitive areas. Some models are specially designed for prolonged wear and feature a narrow neck and comfortable stoppers, making them popular everyday companions.

In addition, MEO offers different color variations of silicone butt plugs, from subtle black to bold, eye-catching colors that make for a visually appealing experience. Both beginners and experienced lovers will find their individual taste in the extensive range.

A silicone butt plug from MEO is not just a toy for intimate hours, but also an investment in personal well-being and sexual discovery. Whether as part of BDSM games, for prostate stimulation for men or as an easy-to-use toy for a gentle introduction to anal pleasures - silicone butt plugs impress with the best properties and user satisfaction.

All in all, the MEO online store offers an exclusive selection of silicone butt plugs for a wide range of preferences and experience levels. Hygienic, flexible, body-safe and available in different shapes and colors, these butt plugs are the ideal choice for anyone who values quality, safety and an all-round pleasurable experience.

Metal butt plugs:

Metal butt plugs, especially those made of high-quality stainless steel or lightweight aluminum, enjoy great popularity among connoisseurs of sophisticated erotic toys. The smooth, seamless surface of metal butt plugs allows for exquisite and slippery penetration, while the impressive weight of these butt plugs provides a strong presence and a deep feeling of fullness. The fascination with metal butt plugs is due in no small part to their particular suitability for temperature experimentation: They can be cooled for refreshing sensory stimulation or heated for a warming, enveloping sensation.

The hard and unyielding nature of metal makes these butt plugs ideal toys for those who prefer intense, firm stimulation. The special ability of metal butt plugs to adapt to physical temperatures adds an exciting dimension to erotic play, as the cold or warm sensations complement the usual tactile sensations and stimulate the nerve endings in the anal area in a unique way.

Metal butt plugs are also extremely hygienic. They are very easy to clean as metal is non-porous and therefore does not absorb bacteria or dirt particles. A quick rinse under hot water or disinfection with a suitable toy cleaner is enough to keep the metal butt plug clean and ready for use. Metal butt plugs also have the added benefit of longevity; with the right care and storage, they can have a virtually infinite lifespan.

The shiny, luxurious and aesthetic appearance of stainless steel or aluminum butt plugs makes them a sophisticated and elegant addition to any collection of erotic toys. The attractive sheen of metal butt plugs makes for a strong visual statement and brings a touch of glamor to intimate play, whether in private solo use or as part of partner activities.

The range of metal butt plugs is broad and includes simple, plainly designed models through to elaborately crafted variants with gemstones or other embellishments at the base. These decorative elements not only enhance the visual appeal, but also offer a practical function by serving as a stopper that ensures additional safety during wear.

Not to be neglected is the weight of metal butt plugs, which many users describe as a very special attraction. The substantial weight enhances the sensation of pressure and stimulation inside, making the metal butt plug an incomparable tool for advanced anal play. Whether for powerful stimulation or weight training to increase muscular control in the anal area, metal butt plugs are known for their versatility.

In conclusion, metal butt plugs offer a unique combination of hygienic properties, the ability to control temperature, impressive weight and a flawless, shiny appearance. These features make them a desirable object for anyone looking for intense pleasure, stylish looks and versatility of use. A metal butt plug is therefore the perfect choice for connoisseurs who appreciate and value material texture and aesthetic refinement in their erotic equipment.

Glass butt plugs

Glass butt plugs are an exquisite addition to any repertoire of intimate toys and are characterized by their elegant aesthetics and remarkable transparency. Our customers appreciate glass butt plugs not only for their beauty, but also for their practical properties that they share with metal butt plugs, especially their ability to respond to temperature. Glass butt plugs offer a special temperature-sensitive experience as they provide both cool and warm sensations in an impressively clear way, adding an extra sensory layer to anal pleasure.

Glass butt plugs impress with their exceptionally smooth surface, which allows for particularly easy insertion and is highly appreciated by experienced users for its precise and direct stimulation. The firm, smooth texture of glass butt plugs allows for careful, controllable use, which is attractive for both beginners and advanced users. The firm material of the glass butt plug provides an intense sensation that is unique in the world of erotic toys.

A big advantage of glass butt plugs is that they are hypoallergenic. This means that glass butt plugs are ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies to certain materials. This property and the ease of cleaning make glass butt plugs a hygienic option that is preferred by many. Glass does not absorb bacteria or liquids and is therefore easy to sterilize, either by boiling or with special toy cleaners.

The elegant appearance of glass butt plugs should not be underestimated. The shimmering shine of the glass visually rounds off the pleasure game and gives it a touch of luxury. With their sophistication and charming shimmer, glass butt plugs are a real eye-catcher and a symbol of style and sophistication in the field of intimate accessories.

The robust quality of glass as a material for butt plugs also means that glass butt plugs have an exceptional longevity and are virtually indestructible if handled correctly. Glass butt plugs are also a favorite for those who like to experiment with visual elements, as the transparent or artistically designed glass offers many opportunities for engaging and stimulating visual play.

Not only is the functionality of glass butt plugs worth highlighting, but also the variety of designs available, ranging from simple and clear shapes to intricate, artisanal creations. Some glass butt plugs come with additional embellishments such as spirals, studs or colored inclusions that enhance the visual and tactile experience.

Overall, glass butt plugs offer a full-body experience that appeals to users not only for its stimulating properties, but also for its visual sophistication and integrated safety features. Their hard texture, ability to vary temperature, hypoallergenic benefits, ease of cleaning and classy appearance make glass butt plugs a must-have for those seeking the ultimate in pleasure and style. Glass butt plugs are therefore the ideal choice for connoisseurs looking for a safe, aesthetically pleasing and versatile erotic toy.

Butt plugs made of TPR and TPE

Butt plugs made of TPR (thermoplastic rubber) and TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) represent a modern innovation in the world of intimate toys. These materials are characterized by a unique combination of flexibility and stability, which makes butt plugs made of TPR and TPE the preferred choice of many lovers of this category of sex toys. The softness and pliability of butt plugs made from TPR and TPE are the ideal properties for a comfortable and adaptable feel - perfect for a wide range of users, whether beginners or experienced with anal toys.

TPR and TPE are materials that offer an alternative to conventional butt plugs made of silicone, glass or metal. TPR butt plugs and TPE anal plugs are particularly popular because of their extreme stretch and softness, which make them comfortable to penetrate and wear. In addition, TPR and TPE butt plugs are valued for the fact that they easily adapt to the user's body temperature during use, providing an extremely realistic and lifelike sensation.

Another advantage of butt plugs made of TPR and TPE is their ease of care. Butt plugs made of TPR and TPE can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap, making them a practical and hygienic toy for intimate pleasure. TPR and TPE are not as sterilizable as glass or metal, but since they are non-porous, they are a good choice for anyone who values cleanliness.

Butt plugs made of TPR and TPE are also popular with lovers of particularly creative and innovative shapes due to the flexibility of the material. In the MEO online store, you can find TPR butt plugs and TPE butt plugs in a variety of shapes, from classic conical designs to daring, imaginative shapes that allow for different types of anal stimulation.

In the MEO online store, lovers of the unusual will find TPR butt plugs and TPE butt plugs as well as an impressive selection of butt plugs made from other exotic materials. For those who enjoy playing with different textures and densities, butt plugs made from TPR and TPE offer a fantastic way to explore their personal preferences and enjoy the individual sensations that TPR and TPE have to offer.

The versatility of butt plugs made of TPR and TPE is therefore exceptional and ensures that there is something for every taste and preference in the MEO online store. Whether it's flexibility, comfort, easy cleaning or a unique sensual experience - butt plugs made of TPR and TPE meet a wide range of individual needs and stand for sensual experiences outside the mainstream. With their soft but firm texture, variety of shapes and easy care, butt plugs made from TPR and TPE are a fantastic addition to any collection of anal toys.

The choice of material is more than just a matter of personal preference - it's a question of the overall experience. Each material has its own unique properties that affect the feel and use of the butt plug. Be inspired by the variety of material options at MEO and find the butt plug that gives you exactly the kind of stimulation you're looking for.

Sizes and shapes: Find your perfect sex toy in the world of butt plugs

The world of butt plugs is diverse - at MEO, you'll find a wide range of sizes and shapes so that there's the perfect model for everyone. Whether you're looking for gentle stimulation or a challenge, you'll find exactly what you need in our online store.

Small butt plugs - butt plugs for beginners

Small butt plugs are the perfect beginner's toy for anyone who wants to discover the world of anal stimulation. The MEO online store offers a carefully selected collection of small butt plugs especially for beginners to make your first adventure in this area of intimacy as pleasant and safe as possible.

The small butt plugs are characterized by a narrow tip and a gently tapered shape, which contribute significantly to making insertion an easy and pain-free experience. These features are crucial for beginners as they reduce the initial fear of discomfort or pain and instead promote a positive and encouraging experience.

The size of the small butt plugs for beginners has been carefully selected to provide a gentle stretch without being overwhelming. This makes it easier for beginners to slowly acclimatize to the sensations associated with anal stimulation and gradually prepare the anal area for it. This is a crucial factor as the body needs time to adapt to wearing and moving the butt plug.

Also, wearing these small butt plugs for beginners helps to develop an understanding of their own body and its reactions to anal toys. If the user wishes, they can gradually progress to larger sizes. The exercise effect achieved by wearing them regularly can also help to strengthen the muscles and thus increase the pleasure of future anal play.

The materials of the small butt plugs in the MEO online store are also ideal for beginners. Many of the beginner butt plugs on offer are made of materials such as silicone, which offers a high level of comfort thanks to its soft and flexible nature. These materials are not only skin-friendly and hypoallergenic, but also easy to clean, which is also very important for beginners as it makes care and hygiene easier.

Small butt plugs for beginners are therefore the ideal choice for those who are new to the world of anal pleasure. They offer a convenient way to familiarize yourself with anal toys, and the MEO online store offers a wide range of small butt plugs that have been carefully designed to give first-time users a positive and safe experience.

Medium butt plugs are an excellent choice for advanced users who already have experience with anal toys and have become familiar with smaller butt plugs. These medium butt plugs have been specially designed to provide a noticeable yet pleasurable enhancement of the anal area, an intensification of stimulation that many users find particularly arousing.

The medium butt plugs in the MEO online store are designed to provide increased stimulation for both men and women. Many of these anal toys have ingenious and artfully curved shapes that massage and stimulate specific erogenous zones such as the P-spot, also known as the prostate, in men or the G-spot in women. This special design not only enhances pleasure, but can also lead to more intense orgasms, as these points are known as key areas for sexual pleasure.

The carefully shaped contours of the Medium butt plug contribute significantly to increasing pleasure. Whether controlled by your own body movements or by your partner's play, these butt plugs navigate the anatomical pathways with a precision based on knowledge and exploration. The advanced user experiences more intense and varied stimulation thanks to the sophisticated design, which expands the sensory pathways and thus leads to a more comprehensive experience of anal satisfaction.

In addition to the shape, the choice of material also plays an important role with medium butt plugs. The materials popular with advanced users range from silicone to TPR/TPE to glass or metal. Each material offers different advantages and sensations. Silicone butt plugs, for example, offer flexibility and a pleasant feeling, while glass and metal impress with their firm surface and the possibility of temperature play.

In the MEO online store, the range of medium butt plugs is designed to meet the different requirements and desires of advanced users. From simple, smooth designs aimed at gradual stretching to complex shaped models that apply internal pressure and friction to specific points, the store offers a variety of options to continue and refine the individual's journey into exploring anal pleasure.

For advanced users who want to move to a deeper and more complex level of anal exploration, medium butt plugs are an excellent choice. Not only do they offer the experience of more intense stretching, but they are also instruments for fine-tuned sensory play, where the added stimulation from the precise stimulation of the P- or G-spot provides greater pleasure and ultimately increased orgasmic potential.

Large butt plugs and XXXL butt plugs for professionals

Large butt plugs are designed for experienced users who are ready to explore the anus further. Their considerable volume and weight provide deep stimulation and a feeling of fullness that many find extremely satisfying. In the MEO online store, you will find variants with exciting textures to provide additional stimulation for sensitive anal tissue.

Large butt plugs and XXXL butt plugs provide a challenging and intense experience that is particularly sought after by experienced users and anal stimulation professionals. These impressive butt plugs not only offer considerable stretch far beyond the level of beginners and advanced users, but also require a high level of experience, patience and dedication to use them safely and with pleasure.

The large butt plugs from the MEO online store are perfect for those who have already achieved a high level of comfort and confidence in using anal toys. With their impressive size, these butt plugs provide deep and filling stimulation, leading to an intense feeling of fullness and stretching. Wearing large butt plugs can be a challenge, but with the right warm-up and lube, insertion becomes a pleasurable act of self-discovery.

XXXL butt plugs, on the other hand, are for the true connoisseur of anal practices, someone who is looking for the ultimate experience and is willing to engage in arguably the most extreme form of anal stretching. These monuments among butt plugs require a long preparation, as their size and volume require a slow and careful approach to ensure that playing with them remains a pleasure.

The use of large and XXXL butt plugs is often associated with a preference for intense stimulating pressure experiences and a passion for advanced forms of BDSM and other kink-oriented play. The visual aspect of these expansive toys also adds to the erotic tension and can serve as a real demonstrator of power in a BDSM scene.

The material of the large and XXXL butt plugs also deserves special attention. High-quality options such as medical silicone, robust PVC or even metal can be found in the MEO online store. These materials are not only known for their safety and hygiene, but also for their ability to take the challenge to a new level by providing a smooth or textured surface for added sensory stimulation.

Large butt plugs and XXXL butt plugs allow professionals to carefully test and push their limits. Care should always be taken to use plenty of lube and to allow enough time for pleasure. Professionals know that using large and XXXL butt plugs requires time and patience, but ultimately deepens the understanding of one's own body and increases the pleasure of extreme degrees of anal pleasure.

The MEO online store therefore makes sure that large and XXXL butt plugs are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures, so that anal play professionals can find a suitable selection for their individual needs and preferences. Whether as a solo adventure or as part of partner play, the impressive butt plugs are aimed at anyone who is ready to explore and enjoy a new level of anal pleasures.

In addition to the standard shapes, MEO also offers special butt plug designs, such as the teardrop shape for easy insertion, spiral or wavy textures for added stimulation during movement and designs with a narrow neck and wide base for longer wear and easy removal.

Butt plugs with tunnel:

Widely recognized as a pioneer and leader in erotic toys, MEO Online Shop offers an impressive selection of innovative butt plugs with tunnels that open up a variety of unique and exciting possibilities for lovers of anal pleasure. These special butt plugs, also called hollow butt plugs or tunnel plugs, are characterized by a continuous opening that allows for completely new types of play - be it in terms of visual aesthetics, the integration of additional toys or the practical aspects of hygiene. With a tunnel butt plug from MEO, unconventional and explorative paths can be taken in the area of anal play, as the opening allows access to inner regions that are inaccessible with conventional butt plugs. Users can experience intimacy in a way that expands not only the physical, but also the psychological boundaries of anal pleasure. For example, these plugs offer the opportunity for medical role-play, where insight and access play a role, or for liquid play, where various substances can be added. In terms of material, the MEO online store offers a wide range of tunnel plugs, from flexible, body-friendly silicones to firm, smooth stainless steel variants that impress not only with their hygiene but also with the possibility of temperature play - everything to suit a wide variety of inclinations and preferences. MEO's butt plugs with tunnel are not only known for their functional versatility and innovative design quality, but also for their safety and comfort. Each butt plug is manufactured with the utmost care to ensure that users have an enriching experience without neglecting their health. However, safe and satisfying play with MEO's tunnel butt plugs requires that users understand and accept the importance of preparation and a slow approach, with the use of sufficient lube and proper care and cleaning of the toy according to the manufacturer's instructions playing an essential role. Anyone who chooses butt plugs with a tunnel from MEO is not just choosing a toy, but rather a versatile instrument for in-depth journeys of discovery in the field of anal stimulation that, in addition to the purely physical aspect, also stimulates the imagination and raises the experimental potential in intimate play to new heights.

Butt plugs with tails:

Butt plugs with tails are a fascinating addition to the world of erotic toys, especially for those who want to add an element of role-play or animal fantasy to their intimate experience. Known for their sensual and visual appeal, butt plugs with attached tails are available from the MEO online store in a variety of shapes, colors and textures to suit a wide range of user preferences and desires. Whether the fluffy tail of a fox, the elegant tail of a horse or more exotic variants such as that of a unicorn - butt plugs with tails from MEO not only offer an attractive look, but also create the atmosphere for lively role-play that inspires the imagination.

These butt plugs are often used in pet play, a type of play in which people slip into the role of an animal and can thus experience a very special kind of connection and submission. They are ideal for BDSM sessions, where the aesthetic component enhances the staging and emphasizes the dynamic between dominance and submission. With its range of butt plugs with tails, MEO ensures that both the visual and functional quality provide lasting pleasure - be it through soft and cuddly materials that guarantee a comfortable fit or through high-quality plugs that promise safe and comfortable handling.

What's more, butt plugs with tails from MEO offer an attractive way to refresh traditional sexual routines and stimulate the senses in new, creative ways. It should not be underestimated that these special butt plugs are not only an aesthetic pleasure, but also offer the opportunity to playfully explore boundaries and experience sexual freedom in a safe and controlled environment. Fitted with a tail, the butt plug transforms from a simple toy to a highly symbolic accessory that makes a strong statement in erotic self-expression.

MEO takes the care of these toys just as seriously as their manufacture: the store offers precise cleaning and care instructions to ensure the longevity and safe use of the butt plug with tail. Users who choose a butt plug with tail from the MEO online store not only enjoy an aesthetic and functional product, but also invest in a toy that is capable of eliciting deep emotional responses while providing a stylish and sensual experience of anal stimulation.

24/7 butt plugs

24/7 butt plugs are specially designed to be worn safely and comfortably for extended periods of time. This type of butt plug allows the user to continuously enjoy the sensual sensations of anal stimulation and offers a unique experience for those who want to take their anal adventures to a new level.

MEO's 24/7 butt plugs are characterized by their ergonomic shape and the use of high-quality, body-friendly materials that are not only suitable for prolonged wear, but also ensure body compatibility. When manufacturing butt plugs, special attention is paid to soft transitions, a narrow base and rounded tips to ensure optimal comfort and avoid possible skin irritation or discomfort caused by pressure points.

Wearing a 24/7 butt plug requires careful selection and care. Care should be taken to ensure that the plug is not too invasive in size and is made of a material that does not cause allergic reactions during prolonged skin contact. It is also important to apply lube regularly, as the body's own moisture is no longer sufficient to maintain a comfortable feeling after a while.

MEO offers a selection of butt plugs that can be worn throughout the day, with a choice of different sizes, shapes and colors to suit personal preferences and individual comfort. Using a 24/7 butt plug can create an intense feeling of intimacy and erotic awareness, as it allows the user to carry a constant source of arousal and pleasure with them even in their everyday life.

In addition, hygienic handling of these long-lasting butt plugs is crucial. MEO offers precise guidelines to ensure that the plug remains clean and safe. Appropriate care techniques such as regular cleaning with mild soap and water or the use of special disinfectants for toys help to prevent infections and maintain the functionality of the butt plug.

Continuously exploring the balance of comfort and stimulation that a 24/7 butt plug offers can be a captivating and enriching experience for lovers of anal play. Whether as a subtle act of self-stimulation or as part of a kink-oriented lifestyle where ongoing play plays a larger role, MEO's 24/7 butt plugs allow users to put their sexual pleasure at the forefront of their daily lives and live out their passion for anal stimulation discreetly but effectively.

Butt plugs for anal stretching

Butt plugs for anal stretching, also known as anal stretchers or dilators, are specially designed to gently stretch and train the anal area. These toys are an important tool for people who want to increase the flexibility and capacity of their anus, whether for sexual pleasure, in preparation for larger toys or for anal intercourse. The aim of anal dilation is to slowly relax and stretch the muscle to allow comfortable and pain-free penetration.

The selection of dilation butt plugs in the MEO online store includes a variety of sizes and shapes to support a gradual increase in flexibility. Some of these plugs are available in multi-size sets, allowing the user to gradually move from smaller to larger diameters. Others have a conical or pyramid shape that supports gradual stretching. Special attention is given to the endless varieties of dilation butt plugs with inflatable features or screw mechanisms that allow fine adjustment of the circumference, providing a particularly controlled and customized dilation experience.

Materials such as silicone, TPR and rubber are preferred for dilation butt plugs as they are flexible enough to provide comfort, yet firm enough to allow effective dilation. These materials are often hypoallergenic and body safe, which is of paramount importance in an application that requires such intimate contact with the body's inner surface.

The application of butt plugs for anal stretching should always be done slowly and with the use of plenty of lube. MEO offers a range of suitable anal-friendly lubricants that make insertion easier and application safer. It is also advisable to start each session with relaxation and breathing techniques to prepare the body for the upcoming stimulation and to relieve tension.

MEO provides detailed cleaning instructions for the care and maintenance of butt plugs, as thorough cleaning not only ensures the longevity of the toy, but is also essential for maintaining a health-conscious and hygienic practice. Whether for pleasure or for medical reasons, butt plugs for anal stretching from the MEO online store can help to increase the pleasure of anal play while ensuring a higher level of comfort and satisfaction.

Each type, shape and size has been carefully selected by MEO to ensure that you are not just buying a product from our online store, but a customized experience. It is important to listen to the body's signals and choose a toy that is comfortable to wear and safe to use. MEO offers a wide range of high quality butt plugs to guarantee a personalized and satisfying experience for every customer.

Safety and hygiene: essential practices for pleasure with butt plugs

Safety and hygiene are essential aspects of using butt plugs that every user should take seriously. The MEO online store attaches great importance to ensuring that the pleasure of anal toys always goes hand in hand with attention to these important factors.

To ensure safe use, it is important to choose butt plugs with a wide base. This prevents the toy from slipping in too far and being difficult to remove. The MEO online store only offers carefully designed butt plugs that are safe to use and easy to remove.

The use of lubricants is absolutely essential when using butt plugs as, unlike the vagina, the anus does not produce its own lubricating fluid. At MEO, you will find a large selection of suitable lubricants that ensure a comfortable and smooth insertion of your butt plug. It is important to note that silicone-based lubricants should not be used with silicone toys, as they can damage the material. Water-based lubes are a safe and compatible alternative.

Thorough cleaning of the butt plug after use is essential to ensure hygiene and safety. Most toys can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Materials such as glass or metal also have the advantage that they can be easily sterilized in boiling water. In the MEO store, you will find detailed care instructions for every material so that your toy always remains safe and in perfect condition.

If butt plugs are to be shared with several people, they must be completely sterilized to avoid the risk of infection. Butt plugs that are covered with condoms offer additional hygienic safety. This not only makes cleaning easier, but also enables low-risk sharing between partners.

Finally, the importance of personal boundaries should be emphasized. Butt plugs should never cause pain. Should this nevertheless be the case, it is important to remove the toy and possibly choose a smaller size or a different design.

The MEO Online Shop is aware of the importance of safe and hygienic handling of erotic toys and is committed to providing the knowledge and products that enable a carefree and satisfying sexual adventure.

Recommendations for beginners: A gentle introduction to pleasure

For beginners, the large selection of butt plugs in the MEO online store can be overwhelming at first. That's why we would like to help with specific recommendations to facilitate a gentle introduction to the world of anal stimulation.

If you want to try out a butt plug for the first time, you should start with a small and slim model. A smaller butt plug reduces the feeling of fullness and makes insertion easier, but still provides noticeable stimulation. A butt plug made of soft and flexible silicone, for example, is an excellent choice for beginners as it feels comfortable and is flexible.

The first time, it is important to take your time and experiment in a relaxed environment. Start with plenty of water-based lube to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Insert the butt plug slowly and always listen to your body. Comfort and pleasure rather than stress and pressure should be your guide.

The MEO online store also recommends beginner sets in various sizes to help you slowly increase the intensity. These sets offer you the opportunity to slowly approach larger sizes and explore your preferences.

It is also advisable to choose a butt plug with a return ring or a wide flange. This safety aspect provides additional security, as the butt plug is easy to grip and remove, which increases control and the feeling of safety.

MEO makes sure that the product descriptions in the online store are informative and detailed to make it easier for beginners to make their choice. If you have any questions or need additional advice, the competent team at MEO will be happy to help and advise you.

Remember that regular training increases the comfort and pleasure of anal stimulation. Get your body used to the new sensation slowly and carefully. Over time, your anus will adapt to the stretching and the experience will become even more pleasurable.

MEO is committed to ensuring that every beginner has the opportunity to expand their sexual horizons in a safe and pleasurable way, with the best products on the market. With a little patience and the right butt plug from our range, you will soon discover the exciting world of anal pleasure.

Areas of experience: Advanced options for advanced and professional users

Once beginners have familiarized themselves with the world of butt plugs, there are countless opportunities for advanced and professional users to intensify and diversify their experiences in the MEO online store. For those who are ready to explore the next levels of anal play, we offer a variety of options specifically tailored to their advanced needs.

Advanced players will find medium to large sized butt plugs in the MEO range to suit their increasingly adept preferences. Many of these models feature more sophisticated shapes, such as a pronounced wave structure or special contours designed to stimulate the prostate or G-spot. They are ideal for those who want to experience more intense and deeper penetration.

For professionals, the MEO online store offers butt plugs that pose real challenges in terms of size, girth and weight. These are designed for experienced users who are looking for a strong feeling of fullness and stretch while maximizing pleasure and enhanced sensory experiences. They also include inflatable butt plugs that offer customizable sizing and are ideal for training purposes or for playing with the sensation of pressure changes.

In addition to the classic models, MEO also presents butt plugs with special features such as integrated vibration motors or remote control options that make playing with butt plugs even more exciting. These additional functions offer new ways of experiencing pleasure and can be explored alone or with a partner.

Advanced and professional users should continue to pay attention to quality and safety, especially when using larger butt plugs. In the MEO online store, each product is selected according to strict standards to ensure that it can withstand high levels of stress while being comfortable and safe to use.

When pushing your limits, it's always important to listen to your body and ensure that each session is done with adequate preparation and patience. Lubes are also essential here, and a slow introduction can help to avoid discomfort and increase pleasure.

Whether you're exploring pleasure alone or sharing it with a partner, MEO has the tools and expertise to take your experience to the next level. With our wide range of advanced and professional butt plugs, you're guaranteed to find the perfect product for an unforgettable anal experience.

Special features: special butt plugs for individual pleasure

In the MEO online store, you will not only find an impressive selection of standard butt plugs, but also innovative models with special features for a varied and individual pleasure experience.

These special butt plugs include, among others:

Vibrating butt plugs: these provide an extra level of stimulation. With different vibration patterns and intensities, they provide a personalized experience. Some models can even be controlled remotely, which makes them ideal for playing with your partner or if you like to leave the control to someone else.

Inflatable butt plugs: These toys are perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy the sensation of variable size. They can be inflated slowly to increase the stretch and filling sensation, offering an expandable experience that you can customize to your own limits.

Butt plugs with tails or ornaments: Ideal for role play or to intensify the visual experience. Butt plugs with tails transform the wearer into a seductive creature of their choice, while jeweled butt plugs are aesthetically pleasing and draw attention to the beauty of the act.

Hollow butt plug: also called tunnel plugs, they keep the anus open and allow for various games, from internal stimulation to medical fetish scenarios. They are a unique choice for those who want deeper exploration.

Butt plugs with temperature control: either through materials such as glass and metal that take on the temperature of the water used to heat or cool them, or through integrated heating elements. These butt plugs offer an exciting sensory experience that changes and intensifies the pleasure.

When expanding your collection of anal toys, it is important to always pay attention to quality and safety. MEO insists that all of our butt plugs with special features are made from safe, skin-friendly materials and tested to the highest standards.

Adding butt plugs with special features to your lovemaking can add an exciting dimension and revolutionize the way you feel and enjoy pleasure. The MEO Online Shop is proud to offer these advanced toys that enrich and enhance the sexual experience. We invite you to discover the variety of functions and the enhanced pleasure potential of our special butt plugs.

Butt plugs for men

Butt plugs for men are a common topic in discussions about male sexuality and anal stimulation. These special toys offer a multi-faceted experience and can contribute to an intense increase in pleasure. For men who are looking for new ways of satisfaction, the butt plug is a way of exploring unknown sensory realms.

Men who use butt plugs often report increased orgasmic sensation and the ability to improve their sexual stamina and control. This can be attributed to the direct stimulation of the prostate, often referred to as the "P-spot" or "male G-spot". Butt plugs are designed to reach and stimulate this point, which can lead to particularly intense and sometimes completely new types of orgasms.

When using butt plugs for men, it is particularly important to pay attention to the right size, shape and material. Silicone butt plugs are very popular due to their flexibility and pleasant feeling. But other materials such as glass or metal also offer unique advantages, e.g. in terms of the smooth surface or the ability to play with the temperature by heating or cooling the butt plug.

Proper preparation is crucial if men want to use butt plugs. It is recommended to start with extensive foreplay and to use a high quality lube to make insertion as comfortable and safe as possible. Men should take time to familiarize themselves with the sensations and pressure that a butt plug creates and slowly increase until they find the optimal size and intensity for them.

There are also butt plugs for men that are specially designed for long-term wear. These often have an ergonomic shape that maximizes comfort over a longer period of time and allows men to wear them during various daily activities.

In addition, it is important that men take cleaning and care seriously after using butt plugs. This is not only for hygienic safety, but also maintains the quality of the butt plug, which is important for safe and comfortable use in the long term.

Butt plugs for men have become increasingly popular in recent years as more and more men discover the benefits of anal stimulation for themselves. With a variety of options on the market, it is possible for any man to find a butt plug that suits his individual preferences in terms of size, shape, material and special features.

In summary, butt plugs are an interesting way for men to enrich their sex lives, whether by increasing pleasure, exploring new sensations or deepening intimacy with their partner. Men who are unsure of the best way to use butt plugs can find plenty of resources online and can contact customer service at specialized online stores like MEO for more information.

Butt plugs for prostate stimulation

Butt plugs for prostate stimulation are becoming increasingly popular in the world of male sex toys, as their purpose is to reach and stimulate the prostate, often referred to as the "P-spot" or "male G-spot". These special butt plugs are designed to complement the shape and contour of the male body to ensure maximum stimulation of the area around the prostate.

The prostate is a gland in the male anatomy and part of the reproductive system. When stimulated, it can trigger intense pleasure and stronger orgasms. The precision with which prostate stimulation can be managed for both sexual pleasure and prostate health has led to prostate butt plugs playing an important role in male health and sex life.

Prostate butt plugs are typically characterized by a curved shape that accommodates a man's internal anatomy and allows the plug to apply gentle but definite pressure to the prostate. Many models have a thicker thickening at the end, specifically designed to reach the entire surface of the prostate. In addition, these butt plugs are often equipped with a handle or loop that allows the user or their partner to control the toy during use.

Some prostate butt plugs have additional functions such as vibration, which enhance the stimulating effect through vibrating movements. Variants with multiple vibration modes allow the user to customize the intensity and pattern of stimulation for a tailored experience. This type of plug can be used not only during masturbation, but also as a complementary element during intercourse with a partner to experience additional sensations and a heightened climax.

To get the most out of a prostate butt plug, it is important to start gently, use sufficient amounts of a suitable lube and take time to prepare the body for stimulation. Patience and slowness are key to a pleasurable and safe experience, especially during the first application.

After each use, it is important to clean the prostate butt plugs thoroughly. This not only prevents health risks from bacteria build-up, but also prolongs the life of the toy. In general, water-based lubes should be used with silicone toys, while silicone lubes are also compatible with other materials such as glass or metal.

Finally, it is equally important for men to be open to exploring their own bodies and learning about how prostate butt plugs can help enhance their sexual pleasure. The positive uptake of these toys into sexual practice has helped to reduce the stigma surrounding male anal stimulation and encourage constructive discussion about men's sexual health. With their ability to increase sexual wellbeing and potentially promote prostate health, prostate butt plugs are a useful addition to many men's intimate routines.

Butt plugs for women

Butt plugs for women are toys designed specifically for anal use that can add an extra dimension of pleasure to the spectrum of female sexuality. Many women are discovering butt plugs as a way to deepen their sexual experiences and explore different forms of pleasure. These small but effective devices offer a variety of ways to enhance lovemaking alone or with a partner.

Due to the female anatomy, stimulation from a butt plug can also indirectly affect sensitive areas such as the vaginal wall or clitoris. This can intensify the sensations and intensify the orgasm. A butt plug can be used during masturbation, foreplay or sexual intercourse to simulate double penetration and thus increase pleasure.

Women who are interested in butt plugs should pay attention to the size and shape of the desired toy. It is advisable to start with smaller models and slowly work your way up to larger sizes. The base of the butt plug should always be wider than the widest part of the shaft to ensure safe play. Many women prefer butt plugs made of soft, flexible materials such as silicone, which are comfortable and easy to handle.

Butt plugs designed specifically for women come in a variety of shapes, such as those specifically tailored to women's anatomical needs. Some models have additional functions such as vibrations that provide additional stimulation of the clitoris or G-spot. Vibrating butt plugs can make the experience even more intense for women.

As with men, it is also important for women to be patient when using butt plugs and to use plenty of lube. This makes insertion easier and the experience more pleasurable. Women should also pay attention to cleaning and caring for their butt plugs to prevent infections and prolong the life of the toy.

Butt plugs can be used by women as part of solo play or as an extension of partner sex. They are known to enhance orgasms during intercourse and provide new types of orgasms through purely anal stimulation. Some women report that using butt plugs during intercourse leads to more intense vaginal orgasms, as the pressure of the plug against the shared wall of the vagina and rectum can also stimulate the sensitive areas of the vagina.

At a time when sexuality is becoming more open and experimental, women can enjoy butt plugs in all intimacy and without prejudice. However, it is always important to listen to your own body and if you feel discomfort or pain, stop using them immediately and consult a specialist if necessary.

Butt plugs offer women an expanded range of sexual sensations worth exploring. With a variety of designs, sizes and functions on the market, women can find the perfect toy for their individual wants and needs.

Lockable butt plugs

MEO has expanded its range of adult toys with an innovative series of butt plugs with a lock. These butt plugs offer a unique safety component by featuring a locking mechanism that allows for a very controlled and safe experience. Options range from traditional padlocks to advanced digital time locks that can time-restrict the wearer.

The idea behind lockable butt plugs is to incorporate the dynamics of control play into BDSM practices. The dominant partner (dom) has the ability to lock the plug so that the submissive partner (sub) cannot remove it until the dom allows it. This reinforces the feeling of surrender and abandonment and can bring a strong psychological element into play.

With the traditional padlock variants, once the butt plug is safely inserted, it is locked with a small padlock. The keys are kept by the dom, which adds a physical element of power to the lovemaking. This type of lockable butt plug is ideal for couples who value distance and direct control in their BDSM sessions.

A modern variant is digital time locks, which allow you to set a precise period of time during which the plug cannot be removed. These locks are often battery operated and can sometimes even be controlled via an app. This technical solution offers an extra layer of excitement and thrill, as the wearer of the butt plug cannot influence the exact time of release.

Butt plugs with timers can become a toy of choice for long-lasting BDSM scenarios. They are suitable for role play with elements of power, control and humiliation, with the time component adding to the anticipation and nervous tingling. Many enjoy the tension created by the countdown of a time lock and the sexual freedom that comes the moment the timer reaches zero and the plug is unlocked.

The materials of MEO's lockable butt plugs are of high quality and have been developed for a safe and comfortable wearing experience. MEO places great importance on the health and safety of its customers by using only body-safe, non-porous and easy-to-clean materials for its butt plugs.

However, for couples and individuals who want to experiment with lockable butt plugs, it is important to follow some safety precautions, such as a safeword or an alternative way to remove the plug in an emergency. Open communication about limits and comfort levels is also essential.

Care should be taken when cleaning and caring for these special butt plugs. The locking mechanism may require additional attention to ensure long-term function.

MEO's range of closable butt plugs is an extension of the traditional concept of butt plugs, allowing users new levels of exploration. These toys are not only suitable for experienced BDSM practitioners, but also for the curious who are new to the BDSM world and are looking for a safe, controlled environment to push their boundaries.

Personal experiences and customer reviews: The value of sharing and trust

At MEO Online Shop, we place great value on the experiences and feedback of our customers. We are convinced that transparency and honest reports on the use of and satisfaction with our products not only create trust, but also help potential customers to make informed decisions.

Customer reviews play a key role in the decision-making process. They offer real insights and personal experiences of the products. In the MEO online store, you can read reviews from other users who describe their experiences with the various butt plugs in detail. This gives you an idea of how the product behaves in practice and what results you can expect.

Positive reviews are a confirmation of the quality and effectiveness of our butt plugs. They show us that we are meeting the needs of our customers and give us the feedback we need to continuously improve our range. At the same time, we also take critical feedback seriously and use it as an opportunity to optimize our range and our service.

The interactive exchange of experiences is something that MEO particularly values. We encourage our customers to share their thoughts and personal tips with us. Whether it's about choosing the right lube, tips for easier insertion or care advice - the community around MEO is a valuable resource for everyone.

In addition, the MEO online store offers comprehensive customer service, which is available for questions and advice. Our experts look forward to personal inquiries and are happy to help you find the right butt plug, whether you are a beginner or an experienced user.

At MEO, we pride ourselves on being an open and helpful community that values mutual exchange and trust. By integrating customer reviews, we create a basis of trust and a platform for honest and helpful communication.

The loyalty and satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. That's why we strive to offer the best butt plugs and create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable, safe and well-informed.

MEO Online Shop

As one of the world's leading suppliers of butt plugs with an international customer base, MEO places great emphasis on an excellent customer experience, a wide range of products and good accessibility. An online store that is available in multiple languages and delivers to more than 120 countries needs to cater to different customer needs and overcome hurdles such as language barriers and logistics.

If such a store offers a wide range of butt plugs and related products, it also means that it is likely to have something for all experience levels and tastes - from beginners looking for their first toy to experienced users looking to expand their collection.

A well-stocked and customer-friendly online store like MEO will also focus on important aspects such as discreet shipping, informative product descriptions, user reviews and efficient customer service in addition to product selection. All of these factors play an important role in building trust and customer satisfaction, two key components for success in the e-commerce industry, especially in the adult toy market.

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about butt plugs

Question 1: What is a butt plug and how is it used?

Answer: A butt plug is a sex toy designed specifically for anal stimulation. It has a conical shape that makes it easier to insert and usually has a wide base so that it is not inserted too deeply. To use it, it is recommended to apply sufficient lube and insert the plug gently while you are relaxed.

Question 2: What size should I choose as a beginner?

Answer: As a beginner, you should start with a small butt plug that is not too overwhelming in diameter. Look for models that are specifically labeled as "beginner friendly" and remember that using enough lube will make the process more comfortable.

Question 3: How long can I wear a butt plug?

Answer: Wearing time can vary from individual to individual, but as a general guideline, a butt plug should not be worn for more than 2-3 hours at a time, especially if you are new to this practice. Pay attention to signals from your body and remove the plug if discomfort occurs.

Question 4: Can butt plugs be worn during sexual intercourse?

Answer: Yes, butt plugs can enhance sensations during vaginal or oral sex and are often worn for additional stimulation. It is important to discuss this with a partner and ensure that both partners are comfortable.

Question 5: How do I clean my butt plug?

Answer: Butt plugs should be cleaned thoroughly before and after each use. Most can be cleaned with warm water and a mild, antibacterial soap. Some materials such as glass or stainless steel can also be sterilized in hot water. Always check the specific cleaning instructions for the material of your butt plug.

Question 6: Are there any materials I should avoid?

Answer: It is important to choose butt plugs made of body-safe, non-porous materials such as silicone, glass or stainless steel. Avoid materials that contain phthalates or could otherwise be toxic.

Question 7: Can anyone use a butt plug?

Answer: Most people can safely and enjoyably use butt plugs, but it is always advisable to talk to a doctor first if there are any health concerns. Comfort and consensual use are key to a safe and pleasurable experience.

Advice and customer service at MEO

At MEO, customer service is paramount and we strive to support each customer with personalized advice. Both newcomers to the world of anal toys and experienced users can count on us for a knowledgeable team ready to address any questions or concerns.

Our advice includes:

- Help with choosing the right butt plug, tailored to experience level and personal preference.
- Tips on how to use and care for your toys to ensure safety and longevity.
- Help navigating our diverse range to find the right products more easily.
- Information about materials and the associated advantages and disadvantages.
- Discreet handling of all concerns to protect the privacy of our customers.

Our customer service is easily accessible and offers multiple communication channels - including email, phone and live chat - to ensure you receive fast and efficient help when you need it. We understand that purchasing intimate products can raise questions, and our goal is to make you feel comfortable and informed at every step of your shopping experience.

Enjoy anal orgasms, alone or as a couple with a butt plug or anal plug. Experience wonderful feelings like never before with a butt plug deep inside you.


So what is a butt plug or anal plug?


What is an anal plug? An anal plug (also: an anal plug, buttplug or anal stretching plug) is a kind of dildo for anal use. An anal dildo, so to speak. To this end, a butt plug is rounded at one end and slightly conical for easy insertion. And the other end is so thick that the anal plug remains in place and cannot be fully inserted by accident. Butt plugs are available in our online shop in countless shapes, colours and materials! An anal plug with vibration or a butt plug without vibration are either used purely for stimulation or to prepare for anal intercourse. An anal plug with vibrator is often used alone during solo sex. Butt plugs made of elastic materials like jelly or silicone are particularly popular. Butt plugs are available in various sizes. Begin with a smaller size and increase this according to your desires over time. You can order a butt plug right here. A butt plug is suitable both for women and for homosexual and heterosexual men who are curious about everything.


Butt plugs are among the 10 top sex toys in erotic shipping


Butt plug are especially good for preparing for pain-free anal intercourse. They are inserted using a little lubricating cream or lubricating gel and then left in position to relax and stretch the rectal muscles. Every man and woman likes the feeling of being so completely filled by a butt plug.


How do you use a butt plug correctly?


A butt plug not only gently stretches the anus but also stimulates its sensitive nerve ends. In order to inset an anal plug painlessly, you should moisten both the anal plug and your anus with a lubricant, for example such as Aquameo. Our Extremeo rectal relaxation spray supports pain-free insertion. Of course, how you insert the anal sex toy is entirely up to you. However, there are three positions that can make it easier for you to insert