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Anal Plug / Butt Plug


Anal Plug / Butt Plug 

Enjoy anal orgasms, alone or as a couple with a butt plug or anal plug. Experience wonderful feelings like never before with a butt plug deep inside you.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 243 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 243 items

Enjoy anal orgasms, alone or as a couple with a butt plug or anal plug. Experience wonderful feelings like never before with a butt plug deep inside you.


So what is a butt plug or anal plug?


What is an anal plug? An anal plug (also: an anal plug, buttplug or anal stretching plug) is a kind of dildo for anal use. An anal dildo, so to speak. To this end, a butt plug is rounded at one end and slightly conical for easy insertion. And the other end is so thick that the anal plug remains in place and cannot be fully inserted by accident. Butt plugs are available in our online shop in countless shapes, colours and materials! An anal plug with vibration or a butt plug without vibration are either used purely for stimulation or to prepare for anal intercourse. An anal plug with vibrator is often used alone during solo sex. Butt plugs made of elastic materials like jelly or silicone are particularly popular. Butt plugs are available in various sizes. Begin with a smaller size and increase this according to your desires over time. You can order a butt plug right here. A butt plug is suitable both for women and for homosexual and heterosexual men who are curious about everything.


Butt plugs are among the 10 top sex toys in erotic shipping


Butt plug are especially good for preparing for pain-free anal intercourse. They are inserted using a little lubricating cream or lubricating gel and then left in position to relax and stretch the rectal muscles. Every man and woman likes the feeling of being so completely filled by a butt plug.


How do you use a butt plug correctly?


A butt plug not only gently stretches the anus but also stimulates its sensitive nerve ends. In order to inset an anal plug painlessly, you should moisten both the anal plug and your anus with a lubricant, for example such as Aquameo. Our Extremeo rectal relaxation spray supports pain-free insertion. Of course, how you insert the anal sex toy is entirely up to you. However, there are three positions that can make it easier for you to insert a butt plug. Either you bend forward on all fours so your partner can insert the butt plug, place a cushion or ASS UPP love cushion under your bum, lie back and spread your legs or squat over the plug and simply let it slip in. You'll soon find out which of the three positions suits you best for inserting an anal plug.


How does the sex work with an anal plug?


Many women and men find it particularly arousing to be completely “filled” by an anal plug. It can be inserted quite a while before sex in order to provide the foreplay for extreme stimulation. You can use a butt plug (depending on whether it is small butt plug, large butt plug or very big butt plug) for a period ranging from 30 minutes up to several hours without any problem.


Order a butt plug for stretching - Boundary experiences with the butt plug


A plug is a wonderful sex play toy that is also ideal for anal stretching. Every man and woman really should try out a butt plug for stretching. We deliver anal plugs for stretching in lots of designs, sizes and materials. You could even choose a butt plug with opening for deep insights. Just try our anal stretching rings or our successful ass grommet.


Butt plug shop - Buy anal plugs online – Buttplug Online Shop


Order a butt plug online. You will find a large selection here in our sex shop. We deliver most of our butt plugs and anal stoppers within 1 to 2 days, discreetly and securely packaged.


Butt Plug: This is how sex works with an anal plug


In order to intensify an orgasm by butt plug, the anal sex toy is also available with integrated vibration.


Butt plug for beginners...


An anal plug for beginners? Nothing could be easier! We have a large selection from very small butt plugs for the first time to a butt plug set with which you can train yourself for anal sex or large butt plugs.


Or maybe just a really big butt plug or anal plug straight away...


A really big butt plug is a challenge. At MEO you will really find everything to help you realise this dream.


Order butt plugs online | We are the butt plug specialists


Enjoy anal orgasms, alone or as a couple with a butt plug or anal plug. Experience wonderful feelings like never before with a butt plug deep inside you. ✓ Discrete delivery


Butt plugs for men...


Men in particular experience anal intercourse particularly intensively through targeted stimulation of the prostate. To this end, MEO also offers a variety of sex play toys for prostate stimulation. Butt plugs can also be moulded so that special shapes work directly on the prostate and lead to so-called "contactless orgasms". Otherwise, anal plugs can also be used for pure anal stimulation (even over a long period of time). You can also stimulate the man’s P-point during love play, ensuring a very, very hard and long-lasting erection!


There’s even this: Lockable butt plug and lock


A lockable anal plug and lock or even a butt plug with a MEOBOND electronic time lock allow you to live out your anal chastity fantasies. If you would you like to try out a lockable anal plug during bondage or BDSM then our ANAL MASTER is the perfect choice for you.


Tips and tricks relating to anal toys


An important tip for making anal toys, plugs and anal sex a positive experience is time, relaxation and using our ingenious EXTREMEO anal relaxation spray! You can buy EXTREMEO anal spray also on Amazon.


Plug sex or good alternatives to anal plugs for men


Try a double dildo for particularly intense penetration, or a so-called prostate plug (also an anal plug for men), or our high-quality butt plug variants: metal anal plugs or stainless steel anal plugs. If you are unsure whether you need a large or small anal sex plug, we recommend the anal plug set available in our anal plug shop at an affordable entry-level price. A great alternative might, of course, also be an inflatable butt plug, an anal plug you blow up. Here you can decide for yourself which size is perfect for you.