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Classic Chastity Belts


Classic Chastity Belts 

Never be unfaithful again, never have unchaste thoughts again, all thanks to MEO’s chastity belts and chastity devices for men.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

What is a penis cage for men and how to use a penis cage?
A penis cage for men is a device to lock a man's penis so that he has no control over his genitals, a kind of prison for the penis. It prevents the erection of the penis and therefore usually prevents orgasm. The history of the penis cage for men goes back to varieties of BDSM, where the penis cage for men is often used by female dominas in the breeding of male pleasure slaves. The person who holds the key to the cage is called the keyholder, as in the case of chastity belts for women.
The construction of a penis cage is quite simple. The man's penis is inserted into a tubular construction. This device is attached with a lock to a ring that encloses the penis and testicles. Without opening the lock, the penis cage holder cannot remove the penis cage. Some penis cage models, which are often worn by the wearer for long periods of time, have a mechanism that allows them to be opened in an emergency. This mechanism is designed in such a way that the cage can no longer be closed after the emergency opening. This way the keyholder can see at the next meeting that the slave has got rid of the penis cage, which usually leads to further strict educational measures for chastity.
Penis cages, or chastity belts for men, are available in numerous designs. Depending on the required penis size there are small and also large penis cages, so that every man can find the penis cage for his penis that suits him. The tubular device can be closed, open or half-open.
Usually such penis cages for men are designed for longer use and are often supplied with disposable locks (plastic seals) from MEO. In the further course of our description we will mention various penis cages and point out the special features of each type. In general, care must be taken during use to ensure that the sensitive erectile tissue is not damaged during use and that the wearer also perceives a cage on his penis as a punitive enrichment. In our large penis cage test we have found that with a little experience the use of the penis cage quickly becomes routine.
Which penis cage models are available? What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different penis cage models:

Penis cage for men made of soft material:
The most popular soft material for penis cages for men is silicone. These penis cages are very good to wear and quite inexpensive. Because they can adapt well to their shape, they are often used to allow the wearer to wear them under normal clothing. Such penis cages for men are not bulky and spare the wearer unpleasant looks. Because of the easy-care material, they can be cleaned during the wearing period or you can use them while showering.
The disadvantage is the elasticity of the material, which does not allow a perfect constraint. It may be possible for the wearer to achieve orgasm despite the cage because the material cannot prevent the erection with one hundred percent certainty. Nevertheless, such a penis cage can be recommended, especially for BDSM beginners they are very suitable. At you can find several attractive models, for example our penis cage made of silicone.
Penis cage for men made of hard material:

Here there are two models. On the one hand the variants made of hard plastic and on the other hand the penis cages made of metal, usually penis cages made of stainless steel. Both versions have great advantages, both for the wearer and for the key holder. The metal penis cages are usually more expensive. However, they usually last a long time and give their owner pleasure for a long time. Also worth mentioning are penis cages for men Plug, or penis cages for men with sharp spikes or thorns, with which many of our customers have had good experiences.
Penis cage for men made of hard plastic:

Penis cages made of plastic are inconspicuous and will not be noticed during an inspection at the airport. Due to their slightly lower stability, however, they can break and injure the wearer. In addition, dilators and catheters are more difficult to attach or cannot really be attached to the hard plastic. Nevertheless, many tops and even professional dominas swear by such a penis cage. Penis cages made of plastic are easy to put on and in translucent design it is easy to see if the penis is positioned correctly.
Another advantage is that in the "worst case" the penis cage can be removed with a tool. If the penis has twisted and jammed in the penis cage and then the lock is stuck, you will be glad that you don't have to call the locksmith. With a simple pair of pliers or even scissors the bolts can be cut and the penis is saved. Whether the master or mistress believes the slave that it was really the only way to escape the embarrassing situation is another matter.
Penis cage for men made of metal:

A metal penis cage is much more restrictive than a plastic penis cage. The cool, unyielding metal alone makes the heart of men who love chastity beat faster. There are numerous penis cages available, the range of penis cages for men made of plastic exceeds by far that of the plastic ones. This is because metal is much harder and more rigid than conventional plastics such as polycarbonate or PVC. In addition to designs in tube form, metal cages are also available in metal for the penis. Be it penis cage nets, penis cage grids or penis cage rings, metal cages are the most imaginatively manufactured penis cages.
One of the most popular penis cages, which causes real fear in some men, is the so-called Gates of Hell. This means translated "gates of hell" and refers to a construction of different rings, which are connected by a leather belt or a metal rod. The ring with the largest diameter is attached as a retaining ring behind the testicles around the penis shaft. Each of the following rings measures slightly less in diameter than the previous one, so that even in a non-erect state the glans is firmly enclosed by the last ring. If the wearer of this penis cage is now sexually stimulated, the rings of the "Gate of Hell" begin to hurt strongly, which significantly dampens the sexual desire. Tried and tested keyholders know how to keep their slaves with this "Gates of Hell" for a long time exactly between burning lust and pain, hence the distinctive name.
Penis cage for men with catheter or dilator:

Some penis cages for men allow a penis plug or catheter to be inserted into the urethra. A catheter allows urination and allows semen to flow out. A dilator, on the other hand, greatly increases the tension of the game. Some penis cages for men even have a penis plug that is inserted when the cage is put on. This additional stimulus can almost drive a man out of his mind, because every movement and the smallest erection is felt twice as intensely.
Some of our penis cages have been designed so that a dilator can be subsequently inserted to stimulate a man's lust against his will. As the swelling increases, the pain in the penis increases, often exacerbated by internal spikes. If the pain becomes too great, the lust sometimes disappears completely. Not so with the use of a dilator, with which a man also becomes lusting against his will, at least up to a certain point.
Penis cage with vibrator or penis cage with stimulation current:
Of course, penis cages with vibrator or connection possibilities for stimulation current devices are also available from MEO. Both versions aim to increase the man's lust and to make his penis erect, although he wants to prevent exactly this from happening. Especially by using a TENS device - often in combination with a dilator as electrode - the penis can be stimulated to the pain threshold. Very submissive men enjoy being trapped in their lust by an impossible orgasm, while sadistic tops find pleasure in the controllable suffering of their slave.
The new CELLMATE Penis Cage - App-controlled penis cage:
With the CELLMATE Penis Cage you must give up all control over your penis, because the CELLMATE Penis Cage is an app-controlled, electronic penis cage for the submissive man! Your partner controls the CELLMATE Penis Cage simply and without any complicated technology using a special app. Infinitely exciting moments with your dominant partner await you, in which you will completely lose control over your penis. For example, use our CELLMATE penis cage remote-controlled by app while you shop, and let your partner surprise you in the changing room. It will be especially exciting at home when your partner has complete control over your manhood. Whether at home, while travelling, shopping, sports, bondage or remote education, the CELLMATE penis cage by MEO ® keeps you completely chaste and your penis completely under control thanks to its ingenious app control.
With the CELLMATE penis cage for men it doesn't matter where you are or what you are doing. With the CELLMATE penis cage with app control, the keyholder (the one with the key power) can decide whether the submissive man may be released from his chastity. In combination with the app for Android and iOS you can easily create an account and link the CELLMATE penis cage with your user ID.
Anal chastity:
As if by magic our lockable anal plug, once inserted, spreads wide apart - now just lock it and remove the key. Without the key the "Anal Master" cannot be removed. Only with the key can the butt plug be reduced to its smallest size and pulled out again. The best choice when it comes to a lockable anal plug!
Electronic time lock for penis cage:
The digital time lock MEOBOND releases you only after the set time has expired. It enables escape-proof & secure self bondage or timer controlled chastity. Our time lock MEOBOND hides true high-tech inside and can be attached to almost all bondage cuffs or even penis cages. Finally, you can live out your ultimate self bondage and chastity fantasies, because the MEOBOND time lock can be adjusted to the minute, up to a maximum of 100 hours. Everyone has dreamed of this and MEO has made it come true! The "Time Lock Erotic" is easy to use and foolproof in its application, it ensures that you get what you have always dreamed of. Our lock can withstand a tensile force of 130 kilograms and makes it perfect for timed bondage with handcuffs, leg irons, spreader bars with leg irons, bondage harnesses, chastity cages, penis cages, gags and even our lockable anal plug.
BDSM game ideas with attached penis cage:
Here are some game ideas which are playable for beginners as well as for advanced players. The extent, and thus the danger to health, increases from stimulation to stimulation. BDSM beginners are advised to approach the topic carefully.
Porn movies with penis cage:
The top puts a penis cage on the slave and both watch a porno together. This is very arousing and the slave will beg to be released from the compulsion of his lust. This can be used to spend an evening of love together or as an exit for further games.
Trips with penis cage:
A penis cage for men, made of hard material, is put on and the wearer has to put on tight trousers. Then they go shopping together and take a long stroll through the city. Even if only a few passers-by notice it, the penis cage wearer will have the feeling that everyone sees the penis cage and feels really nicely humiliated.
Obsessive horniness:
Strict cage keeping is imposed on the bound man. For this purpose the active partner puts a penis cage on him, which can be equipped with electrodes and which allows the use of a dilator. Through clever stimulation, the penis of the helpless, bound man is brought to erection, which causes pain due to the tightness of the cage. The pain chases the lust away until the top stimulates the locked penis again. Alternately, electricity and urethral irritation stimulate the lust, and as soon as the pain is forgotten, the game can begin again.
At dinner with friends:
The Top invites some friends to dinner in the evening. When the company is complete, a penis cage is put on the slave (here our NoPacha penis cage is especially recommended) and the friends are shown around. Humiliating and for submissive men still very exciting.
Forced orgasm or forced insemination:
The prostate gland is the sexual centre of men, which determines ejaculation. With a CUMELOT device, a prostate stimulator adapted to BDSM needs, the prostate is stimulated until the sperm is squeezed out, without any lust or arousal. This is also known as a prostate orgasm or forced abortion.
Chili or ginger for the penis:
The enclosed penis is opened with a urethral dilator and a piece of peeled ginger root or chilli is inserted into the urethra. This burns quite a lot, but it will also give pleasure to those treated in this way if they are inclined to do so. As with the game "compulsive horniness", the top can ensure that the slave remains captivated in his lust by clever arousal and refusal.
Urethral stimulation:

Sounding promises multiple orgasms! Sounding or urethral play sounds painful for the uninitiated, but can also be incredibly exciting. However, care should be taken to ensure that it is a pleasurable experience.
Care products for the penis cage:
For the penis:

The fetish lubricant PLOWBOY True Feel is perfect for anal stretching, spreading and, because of the caring ingredients, also for wearers of penis cages. PLOWBOY True Feel is a caring lubricant for the demanding man. Proven ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E provide gentle and natural care and ensure a velvety feeling during sex.
Penis cage cleaning:

INSTACLEAN is the first choice of the BDSM community! Pathogenic viruses and bacteria lurk everywhere. With the INSTACLEAN disinfectant spray, a disinfectant for hands, you can protect yourself and others from disease. Our disinfection spray INSTACLEAN has an intensive antimicrobial effect against bacteria, fungi and viruses. The compatibility with many materials makes INSTACLEAN disinfectant spray a universal disinfectant for a penis cage.
Where can you buy a penis cage for men? At

On you will find an impressively large variety of penis cages. If you are looking for a cage for the penis, just take a look! We would rather advise you against building a penis cage yourself. You can order a penis cage much easier, faster and cheaper online. We deliver almost every model in shortest time, of course very discreet and neutrally packed.