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CUMELOT Forced Orgasm


CUMELOT Forced Orgasm 

Prostate milking with the CUMELOT, a device for forced orgasms.

With the CUMELOT devices, MEO is one of the market leaders in the fields of forced ejaculation, forced orgasm, male milking, prostate milking and prostate orgasm.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items

Enjoy being milked to orgasm against your will with the CUMELOT


It’s not only sex slaves who love us! Submissive men, dominant women and couples who like to experiment appreciate the qualities of CUMELOT devices from MEO, the specialists in male forced ejaculation, when it comes to milking a man.


Forced orgasm or forced ejaculation


The prostate is the man’s sexual centre, which controls ejaculation. With a CUMELOT device, a prostate stimulator adapted to BDSM requirements, the prostate is stimulated until the sperm is forced out without desire or arousal. This is also called a prostate orgasm or forced ejaculation.


Male milking, penis milking and cock milking


Forced ejaculation of a passive man (also called male milking or prostate milking) essentially has nothing to do with the feeling of male desire, but rather is intended to complete empty him of semen. Forced ejaculation is perceived as extremely degrading by men and is therefore often used in BDSM scenarios. Forced ejaculation is also used for chastity belt wearers to deprive the chaste sub of any possible desire.


Through this stimulation of the prostate with the CUMELOT prostate stimulator, the man’s semen can be “pumped out” without any desire or arousal on the part of the man.


Is forced ejaculation necessarily BDSM?


Not necessarily, but of course! And to be honest: Without the pioneering spirit of the BDSM scene, the technology for stimulators, prostate toys and the growing enthusiasm for forced ejaculation would probably still be at the level of a hundred years ago.

Forced ejaculation can certainly be SM too - but it can also be simply anything you desire or want to try out.


Devices for forced ejaculation - News


Some of the latest developments include the ALPHA PRO CUMELOT devices for forced ejaculation, which stimulate the prostate using formal kneading movements and lead to explosive orgasms either quickly or slowly. A further innovation is MEO's milking machine for men. This sex machine blows, sucks and licks until there is no more holding back for you. Thousands of satisfied customers also call our machine the "milking machine for the penis"- because it brings EVERYONE - whether wanted or not through enhancing oral sex - to orgasm and sucks the last drop out of you. This milking machine is a professional masturbation machine developed specially for men. The absolute highlight and the best sex machine for men.

Prostate milking, also called prostate massage or prostate stimulation, refers to the stimulation of the prostate, a small gland in men that is part of the reproductive system. The prostate is a sensitive organ located under the bladder that produces sperm.

Milking the prostate is often practiced by men as a form of sexual stimulation that is considered particularly intense and satisfying. It can also help relieve prostate symptoms such as an enlarged prostate, prostatitis, and erection problems.

Prostate milking can be done manually or with the use of assistive devices. It is important that prostate milking is performed in a clean and safe environment and that proper technique is used to avoid injury and infection. It is also recommended that you talk to your doctor if you have any health concerns before you start prostate milking.

MEO - We love to milk you!