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Prostate Stimulation Toys


Prostate Stimulation Toys 

Our prostate stimulator really hits the spot! Hands-free orgasms, forced orgasms and forced ejaculation are all possible with the simulators from Alpha Male.

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Prostate massage: the G-spot or point of pleasure for a man


Why prostate massage?


Many men experience a gentle prostate massage as extremely stimulating, because the prostate is the secret male G-spot. Prostate stimulation works best through massage using your finger or an anal toy.


For many men, prostate massage alone is already an intensely sensual experience. If you also masturbate the penis or have sex while at the same time massaging the prostate, the breathtaking sensation increases and often leads to even more intense highlights.


Of course, everyone reacts differently to anal stimulation and prostate massage is perhaps not for everyone straight away. But that is normal, because you first have to get used to the feeling and to anal stimulation.


There are also different ways to massage the male G-spot. Not just through the anus, but also from the outside at the perineum. So just try it! We’ll show you how to do it.


How to find the prostate


The prostate is a sex gland that produces a secretion that mixes with the sperm. The male prostate is also called the prostate gland. It is located below the urinary bladder and surrounds part of the urethra.


The roughly chestnut-sized gland located slightly above the rectum can be touched using a finger. The male G-spot is located approx. 5-7 cm into the anus at the front of the bowel wall or the abdominal wall. The prostate can easily be felt using a slightly bent finger with the underside facing the navel.


Gently massage the anus from the outside using your finger or tongue so your partner can adjust to the sensation - if you are using your finger, apply a little lubricant to the anus first so you can carefully and gradually penetrate the anus with your finger.




The right preparation for prostate massage


First, concentrate on his perineum - the area between the testicles and anus: Gentle stroking or pressure excite and relax. During foreplay with your partner, this can also be used to stimulate the outside of the anus orally.


Instructions for prostate massage


The prostate combines a multitude of nerve endings, which is what makes anal stimulation so intense. You can pamper both yourself and stimulate your partner, either using your finger or during sex. However, prostate massage works best with an anal toy or a bent finger.


There are two ways to massage the prostate - direct and indirect massage. The indirect version is practised on the perineum, while direct massage takes place inside the anus using your fingers or a sex toy.


Indirect prostate massage


Indirect massage of the prostate takes place at the perineum. Seen from the outside, the gland is located directly behind the testicles. For many men, there is a hairless patch at this point, below the location of the prostate.


Using your fingers, this region can be gently pressed, rubbed, caressed and massaged. Fondling using the tips of your fingers can also trigger intense sensations. Using the other hand, meanwhile, the penis and testicles can be stimulated.


Direct prostate massage


In addition to indirect massage at the perineum, the prostate can also be massaged from inside the anus. The gland is separated by the thin membrane of the intestinal wall. A finger or anal toy are best for feeling out the prostate. The male G-spot can of course also be reached by penetration during sex using the penis.


Finger and anal toys


Once you have felt the prostate, the gland can be encircled with light pressure by the tip of your finger. Alternatively, practice applying gentle pressure directly to the prostate again and again or pressing it using constant force, varying the intensity.


The prostate can also be reached using a prostate toy, prostate vibrator, anal dildo or butt plug.


If the anus is already well stretched beforehand, a second finger can also be brought into play. The prostate can be taken between the forefinger and middle finger and massaged with a little pressure.


Prostate milking


Your partner can massage the prostate both directly and indirectly at the same time, while the person receiving the massage masturbates. The stimulation experience can be extremely intense.


The term prostate milking is often used in connection with prostate massage. This means that seminal fluid is released through prostate stimulation, even though the man does not orgasm. In the case of prostate massage, the pressure in the seminal vesicle and prostate is reduced, which leads to the effect of an ejaculation without orgasm. This massage technique can be used to delay climax.


Vibrators for prostate massage and other toys for prostate massage


Anal penetration, whether using a finger, toy or during sex, should never be practised without a lubricant because the anus, unlike the vagina, is not able to produce its own moisture. Therefore, special anal lubricating gels from MEO provide sufficient moisture for relaxed prostate massages.


Anal toys for prostate massage


There are so-called prostate massagers with vibrations and a specially curved shaft to massage the prostate from the inside. Most of these anal toys also have an additional stimulation arm that massages the perineum from the outside. So double fun is also inevitable.


Hygiene after prostate massage


After orgasm, the prostate stimulator should be removed carefully and slowly (the anus is particularly sensitive now) and thoroughly cleaned with a little soap and water. For disinfection (particularly in the case of anal toys), a special sex toy cleaner like VERYCLEAN can also be used.


Purchase a prostate vibrator or male vibrator for prostate massage


If you are looking for a prostate vibratorprostate stimulator or prostate dildo, you're in the best hands at MEO, the leading online shop for prostate stimulation. We stock a large selection of p spot stimulators, so that you can stimulate your prostate. Selecting the right anal toy is essential for a successful prostate massage. So we not only stock the famous vibrator for men, but also an effective anal vibrator and a very successful prostate plug. You will also find special lubricating gels here for prostate massage and a spray that relaxes the rectum and makes it easier to insert a prostate vibrator.