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Tenga masturbators make men's hearts beat faster! Tenga masturbators for intense orgasms. Whether used alone or with a partner - Tenga masturbators bring fun and enrich your sex life. Buy now at MEO!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items

Which came first: chicken or egg?

The eternal dilemma. But one thing we know for sure: when it comes to great egg masturbators, Tenga came first. If you are here in MEO's Tenga Shop, you have probably heard of them, but if not, read on and we will tell you all about the Tenga Eggs and all the other great products from the Japanese company. Tenga produces a wide variety of sex toys that you can find in our online erotic store.

Tenga was created in 2005 by Koichi Matsumoto. The name sounds like the character from a movie by Tarantino, but he is actually a talented and creative entrepreneur who scribbled all day in his childhood and took things apart around him. "My grades in arts and crafts were always the highest," he said in an interview. After the boy completed an apprenticeship at a mechanic school, he began tuning super sports cars and disassembling classic cars. The pay was so horrible that he had to sleep in his car for a while or on the floor in a friend's factory. He changed jobs and found a job selling used cars. Soon he became the top salesman in the car dealership. "The salary, the commissions, the bonuses and all other special allowances as a top salesman were great and my life finally began to stabilize. But still I couldn't get rid of this strange feeling inside me. It was fun to sell cars, but I still felt like being creative." The problem was that he didn't know how to create.

Matsumoto was determined to start a business, so he studied the Japanese market and its needs. During his free time he was researching different products, and suddenly he found that the already existing sex toys made him uncomfortable. "It was because the products did not give me security and confidence," he claims. One thing was clear to him: men satisfy themselves and it is harmful to their health to suppress the sex drive. Why do products that are supposed to fulfill this need make us feel insecure? A single glance was enough for him to see that many improvements could be introduced. He had a great opportunity to develop something revolutionary.

He thought - what does the pleasure of sex mean for me, for you? And he put all his eggs in one basket. After years of prototypes, and when he was already economically weak, his opportunity came. He launched the five Tenga Original Cup (Vacuum Cup, Soft Tube Cup, Rolling Head Cup, Double Hole Cup and Air Cushion Cup). In the first year he sold over one million items. Yes, you read it right - more than one million Tenga Cups in a single year! That was an entrepreneurial feat.

Along with the sales success came the offers. Various companies from 24 countries contacted Tenga to distribute its products. In the years that followed, the company that produced the best masturbators for men launched more than 20 items and 6 product lines, putting it at the top of the world of male pleasure. Its principle: pleasure and design.

Tenga, world leader in male masturbation

Today, Tenga is the world leader in the development of masturbators for men, and although all its products have been very successful, Tenga has achieved international fame thanks to the famous Tenga Eggs. And with good reason. A toy with a surprise inside. Different colors, textures, shapes and hardnesses, so you can make a choice according to your taste. The surprise egg for adults. The mix of functionality, originality and design works.

When you look at the brand, you will discover that Tenga is much more than a company. It spreads a lifestyle and a kind of relationship with itself and with others. The sex industry or 'fūzoku', literally 'public morality', moves a huge amount of money in Japan. With its strong morals and great respect for traditional culture, the Japanese concept of sex is not always easy to understand from a Western point of view. Unlike Western tradition, their traditional religion, Shintoism, did not understand sex as something sinful. It was the arrival of the Americans during World War II that led to the creation of laws to regulate public morality. To give a few notable examples, under current Japanese law, prostitution is illegal, although it is only considered prostitution when penetration occurs. Furthermore, sex toys may not explicitly depict the shape of the sexual organs. As you can imagine, this has captured the imagination of the industry by inventing all kinds of things to stay within the law.
Another significant fact is that according to a study conducted a few years ago, the sexual satisfaction of the Japanese population was only 15%, and only 34% of those surveyed claimed to have sex weekly. In contrast to a European country, the figures for satisfaction in Spain, for example, were 49%, and 72% of respondents admitted to making love every week.

Perhaps these figures explain the need for Tenga products and their design. All of the brand's sex toys are so discreet that it is often difficult to associate them with sexual intercourse. In this way, they avoid everything that can be considered lascivious or obscene, and they opt for objects with modern and soft lines that can be left carefree on the bedside table or in the office drawer.

Tenga masturbators for male pleasure:

We will tell you in a moment about the wonderful range of pleasures Tenga offers us with its different product lines that perfectly adapt to the needs and tastes of every man in terms of masturbation.

Tenga Cup Series

The simplicity we talked about was there from the beginning and we can see it in the first products Tenga launched - the five original Tenga Cups. These are disposable toys that offer various functionalities and are ideal for beginners. The Original Vacuum Cup, also known as the 'Deep Throat', is the brand's most classic masturbator. Nevertheless, please do not think that it is outdated.

Equipped with an insertion mechanism; its structure is made of infinite nubs and shafts. Like all original cups, except the Double Hole Cup, which can be used twice, the Tenga Vacuum Cup has a polyurethane insertion pad that retains the lubricant and distributes it immediately after the penis is inserted. This means that neither the use of a condom nor any attempt to ejaculate outside the product will prolong its life, because the lubricant is already spread on the toy, which will cause the material to deteriorate. So do not complicate things - open the lid, insert the penis and... enjoy!
The Soft Tube Cup allows you to adjust the pressure once you start. Its body, whose shape resembles a bottle of styling hair gel, allows you to press, release, massage or stroke your penis. Are you looking for 360-degree sensations? Here you have it. It's the Rolling Head Cup. What makes this cup different from the others is its flexible body that allows you to perform any movement you can think of. Rolling movements, forwards, backwards, from left to right and vice versa... Sounds good, doesn't it?

As already mentioned, the Double Hole Cup is the only one of the five original cups that can be used twice. Why? Because it has been equipped with two openings that are completely separate from each other, providing two different sensations. Would you prefer something sweet or rather bitter? Turn your wrist and choose. Last but not least, Tenga introduces the Air Cushion Cup - the world's first masturbator with an air cushion design and 24 air chambers.

It is worth mentioning that Tenga also sells an Ultra Size line of the original cups, because the company thinks of all men. The same toys, but even bigger and with a stronger suction effect for the wildest pleasure.

The Japanese company is committed to sexual health and the right of every man to live freely as he/she is, that is, without pressure or shame. That is why Tenga has been launching a special Tenga Cup every year for the past three years on the occasion of the LGTBI-Pride. Tenga tries to make masturbation better, but not exclusively for a few people. A part of the income from the sale of these colorful products will go to organizations associated with sexual minorities.

Tenga Egg

We're going back to the famous egg masturbators to explain why they have become a delight for the male population. We will also tell you about the characteristics of the different Tenga Eggs that the brand offers. In addition to special editions and collaborations with other brands, you will be able to choose between several varieties of Tenga Eggs. The brand offers you two different series: the Regular, with standard stimulation (Wavy, Clicker, Spider, Twister, Stepper and Silky); and the Strong (Thunder, Crater, Misty, Cloudy, Shiny and Surfer), six eggs designed for the more adventurous. This means you can enjoy gentler sensations with the six standard eggs, while the hard line is designed for those who prefer a more intense and stronger texture. Each egg also has different colors and shapes. Want to know a secret? Take a good look at the shapes drawn on the surface because you will feel them on your penis after you have peeled the egg.

The top product of the Japanese brand has some features that are common to all models. Don't you know if it will adapt to your penis? We will remove your concerns: yes. They are made with elastomer, which is an extremely stretchy material that adapts to any penis size and feels soft and moist. The eggs are for single use and come with a lubricant bag. Everything you need to enjoy is inside them.

It is as small as a real egg, so you can take it with you anywhere. Remove the packaging; open it; take out the lubricant and pour the contents both inside and out. All you have to do is pull it over your penis and move it up and down. Simple, isn't it? We promise you that it will be a lot of fun too.

If you liked the first egg, try the whole series. There are narrower eggs with waves, like the Tenga Egg Wavy; with net texture; with threads that intertwine by simulating oral sex, like the Tenga Egg Silky; and even with a cold effect, like the Tenga Egg Cool. What is the best egg masturbator from Tenga? That depends entirely on your personal taste. You have to try them all to find out. If you are wondering where to buy the Tenga Eggs, we can help you here, because in the sex store of MEO we have almost all models.

By the way: if you go to a party and you don't know what to give as a gift, maybe we can give you some ideas. What do you think about a basket of masturbators for men? Tenga offers you a set of six Tenga Eggs. The problem is that you will probably have to look for a new gift because you will feel like keeping it for yourself.

Tenga Air-Tech

Are you looking for the sensations that only Tenga can give you and you want your favorite toy to last longer? The Air-Tech masturbator is for you. The different models have a surprising Air Flow structure that allows the air to escape during insertion, creating a vacuum effect that will send you on cloud nine. In addition, its hourglass shape ensures a comfortable grip. Choose the intensity and hardness you like best from the various Air-Tech.

If you want to adjust the pressure and width of your sex toy, the Air-Tech Twist may be your best option. You can twist it up to five times, and each twist will add some pressure to your penis. You'll have five sex toys in a single device!

Want to know what's best about Air-Tech?

All models are reusable. You can enjoy them up to 70 times. Yes, you read correctly. The only recommended maintenance is good hygiene. Clean it with warm water and mild soap after each use and let it dry before storing it. We assure you that it is one of the best masturbators for men you have ever tried.

It is very easy to use. First remove the packaging that protects the polypropylene casing; pull the cap to open the masturbator; use enough lubricant at the insertion point, inside the lining and on the penis. Before inserting the penis, make sure that you have removed the sticker that is on the air hole at the top of the liner.

Are you looking for the effect of a manual vacuum device (you just have to cover the air hole with your fingers, depending on the desired suction intensity) or are you one of those who prefer to save effort? If this is your case, choose the Tenga Air-Tech VC. This model is compatible with the electronic vacuum controller. Place it in your masturbator and forget about the worries.

Tenga Flip

What is Flip Tenga? A masturbator for men with an exclusive easy to open lid. As with every sex toy line, the Japanese brand has created more than one model of Flip for every type of man. Perhaps the Tenga Flip Hole is the most famous one. Open it by removing the slide fastener and control the intensity using the 3-button control panel to stimulate the desired part of the penis area (the root, shaft or glans). To your satisfaction, Tenga has also created the Flip Zero Electronic Vibration. It pushes, vibrates and adapts perfectly to your penis. Need to say more? This new model, just like its predecessors, folds up to make it easier to apply lubricant and clean the device. Remember that all Tenga Flip are reusable. When you are done, clean it with warm water and mild soap so it is always ready for action.

Within the Tenga Flip range you can enjoy Flip Zero and Flip Orb in addition to Tenga Hole. You should know that one of the Flip 0 models also has a vibration function. Did you think that the vibrators for men did not exist? There is nothing Tenga hasn't thought of. You have to keep in mind that if the strong textures are your thing, then you should go for the black models. Why? Because they are specially designed for hard sex.

Tenga Spinner

Do you love the texture of Tenga eggs and want to enjoy them several times in a reusable sex toy? We have the perfect toy for you: the Tenga Spinner. Want to know the reason? Not only is it a reusable masturbator that is easy to clean with warm water and mild soap, but it is also based on a design that allows you to rotate it around its axis, not just up and down. Its different textures will give you breathtaking sensations. As always, Tenga has developed different models (three in this case) to enhance the pleasure and make your choice more difficult. The three varieties have different diameters, shapes and hardnesses.
The Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra has surfaces with soft edges inside for pleasurable masturbation. Made of elastomer. It adapts to every penis by achieving an insertion depth of 17 centimeters and an insertion width of 5 centimeters. This model offers the widest diameter.

The partner of Spinner 01 is the Tenga Spinner 02 Hexa, which has been equipped with an extraordinary spiral effect that will rotate around the penis when it is inside. With a smaller diameter and an interior design consisting of hexagonal surfaces with sharp edges, you will be guaranteed greater strength.
Do you want to keep the spiral effect, but now with a harder texture? Tenga has it and it's called Tenga Spinner 03 Shell. With an inner structure made of hard hemispheres and the narrowest diameter in the entire series, it provides powerful stimulation.

Tenga Lubricating Gels

For the most enjoyable experience, apply sufficient lubricant to your Tenga masturbators before each use. Every new product you buy comes with a sample bag. The egg masturbators and the Tenga Original Cup are intended for single use, so the supplied lubricant will be sufficient. The reusable sex toys are a completely different matter, so make a note of some advice.

The Tenga lubricants are water-soluble, i.e. water-based, and they are specially designed for the brand's masturbators. They do not break the product, maintain its structure and make it easier to rub and insert the penis. But don't forget that they cannot be used during sex with your partner, nor are they edible.

Tenga Hole Warmer

Do you want to know some good news? Tenga has created a masturbator warmer because, as you know, there are very few things less exciting than the cold. Guide the Hole Warmer into any of your Tenga Cups and wait for it to warm up. Soon it will reach body temperature to provide a more comfortable feeling. Reusable and user friendly. It is designed to take masturbation to new levels. If you are wondering how long you have to use it until the masturbator reaches the desired temperature, it depends on your taste. For example, in the case of the Vacuum Cup, it takes 3 or 4 minutes for it to be ready.

As you can see, the world of sex toys is not just a woman's business. The market has changed and innovations have come to turn male masturbation upside down. Search, compare, and if you find something better, buy it - that's what an ad in the 80's said. The same applies here. The good news is that Tenga has thought of everything - every taste, every design, every new sensation. Through trial and error, it has managed to get further than any other company, to number one. More hardness, more softness, suction, vacuum, vibration, elasticity, movement, warmth? They have everything. If you take a look at our online sex store for men, you will find that you will not have enough time to try all Tenga masturbators.

Last but not least....

The Japanese company does not stop innovating. Surely it will soon surprise us with new inventions that are specially designed to touch the sky. In the meantime, we enjoy its wide catalog of proposals. Are you already trembling with desire?