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Hoods, Muzzles & Gags


Hoods, Muzzles & Gags 

From gags and full head masks to simple muzzles, we've got a wide selection of accessories in leather, spandex and latex to help you create the perfect bondage sensory deprivation scene.


  • Wide selection of leather hoods for your next bondage date. Leather masks, skin tight, with or without gag.

  • Available in many versions. Our neoprene masks and neoprene hoods are a good alternative to leather or latex.

  • Take your fantasies to the next level by introducing some sensory deprivation! Our blindfolds are a secure fit, 100% opaque and comfortable.

  • Our mouth gags stuff the mouth and do not tolerate any backtalk. If necessary, our mouth gags are even lockable... Funnel gags, ball gags, ring gags and more can be found in the MEO bondage shop.

  • Our head harness is the ultimate bondage accessory. Whether made of leather, latex or rubber. Lockable and useable with gag.

  • Rubber Masks & Hoods, skin tight and with zipper, with or without oral opening, plus other versions.

  • By wearing this highly insulating bondage spandex mask without openings, you sense of touch become much more intense because "switching off" the eyes sensitised all the other senses!

  • Whether rubber fetish, latex fetish, poppers or breath control. We have the gas mask suitable to your needs in stock.

  • Ball gags are often used for dominance and submission scenarios and can seem a little scary if you've never used them before. But don't worry! Ball gags are a great way to build confidence, show vulnerability and enjoy safe submission during a BDSM session.

  • Our mouth spreaders and gags are an exciting BDSM accessory and keep the mouth of your slave wide open.