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Sex Bed Sheets - Sheets of San Francisco


Sex Bed Sheets - Sheets of San Francisco 

Unbridled sex without a bad conscience! Clean into slippery pleasure, with the sex bed sheets from Sheets of San Francisco. ✓ clean ✓ safe ✓easy to clean ✓sexy ✓ discrete, neutral look ✓ masculine design

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

Clean into slippery pleasure, with the sex bed sheets from Sheets of San Francisco: Unobtrusive sex bed linen, discreet appearance, available as black, waterproof sex sheets or as sex sheets in a neutral white.


Sheets of San Francisco - when you just want to be yourself. We carry all sizes and also deliver larger quantities of sex bed linen and sex sheets within 1 to 2 days.


Unbridled sex without a bad conscience! Sheets of San Francisco are liquid repellent bed linen, bed sheets and pillow cases with a latex look.


Sex bed sheets easy to clean - Sex bed sheets for men & women


After the fun, simply throw the sex bed linen from Sheets of San Francisco into the washing machine - in the shortest possible time the sheet or sex bed linen can be used again.


Professional quality fine underlays and sex bed sheets for soft and hard sex


A waterproof bed sex sheet from Sheets of San Francisco. With the same qualities as our fitted sheets for sex, this practical throw protects everything under it and at the same time provides a fantastic look and a convincing feel. Use this versatile sheet from Sheets of San Francisco in the bedroom; simply throw it over the sofa or use it on the ground - the choice is yours.


  • Our sex bed sheets are waterproof
  • Sheets of San Francisco sheets, pillows and fitted covers are breathable
  • Pleasant on the skin and easy to clean
  • Washing machine-safe, sexy bed linen
  • Seamless surface
  • Made in the USA


Sheets of San Francisco - What is that exactly?


Most of us have fun during sex that can include all kinds of filth. Therefore, the Sheets of San Francisco team wanted to create a product range, thanks to which you can really do ANYTHING anywhere and at any time without having to worry about the consequences. 


Advantages of sex bed sheets from Sheets of San Francisco.


From the very outset, Sheets of San Francisco decided to create a high-quality premium product that feels great on the skin and is also extremely practical and durable. After many long months of research, Sheets of San Francisco was able to develop unique fabrics and designs from which the innovative product series we offer today finally emerged.


Sheets of San Francisco, the sexy bed sheets for men, order online


The range of fitted sex bed sheets and throws uses sophisticated man-made fabrics that are not only impervious to liquids but also offer numerous other advantages. They are breathable, have a fantastic feel and are pleasant against the skin and yet are extremely robust. Amazingly, our sheets are also easy to wash and can therefore be used over and over again in the shortest possible time.


The perfect sex bed sheets for watersport, fetish and BDSM


The sex bed sheets were developed for a wide range of interests - from sensual massage to erotic games with a lot of lubricating gel to food, wax or watersport games (golden showers and pee), our sheets are suitable for every preference.