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S&M Shop 

Discover a large range of S&M toys online. Enjoy the pleasures of pain more intensely with these products...

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Showing 1 - 12 of 115 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 115 items

MEO: BDSM online store and brand for exclusive SM toys

From robust slave collars and soft bondage ropes to love swings and various handcuffs and gags you will find what you desire. We also offer extraordinary products from Dr.Sado, who makes exceptional custom-made products for our BDSM online store, as well as high-quality BDSM jewelry for masters and slaves. As a gift or for yourself: Identify yourself with a "Ring of O" or necklace with BDSM symbol for initiates!

Start your own hot game with lust and pain together with the BDSM online store "MEO". Our first-class products are without exception of the highest quality and are guaranteed to make for exuberant sessions!

MEO - Online-Shop for SM toys in a class of its own!

In the MEO online store you will find SM toys that bring a special kick and tingling variety to your sex and love life. Convince yourself of the high quality of our SM toys.

Many of the SM toys in our online store are made by MEO - that means they are designed in Berlin and handmade. On request SM toys are also available in custom-made and special designs. Use our wide range of SM toys to live out your sadomasochistic fantasies freely. Ordering SM toys through our online store is easy and the shipping is worldwide. Browse through our assortment of SM whips, SM shackles and other exclusive SM toys.

SM Whips - popular SM toys made of leather

The SM whip is an especially popular and versatile SM toy. Our SM whip assortment offers you a wide range of professional whips, single-tails, bullwhips and riding crops. Punish your opponent with a high quality SM whip in wicked red or let your dominance be felt by small, hard blows with a crop. No matter if SM whips, bullwhips, claps or crops - you will find the right SM whip for your needs. SM whips are used to punish and to be punished. MEO offers you a wide range of different SM whips in many different designs. Control, chastise and punish your partner with a SM whip from our store or feel the sweet pain on your skin with every stroke of the SM whip - with a SM whip you bring lustful pain and tingling variety to your sex and love play.

All our products are handmade and made of cowhide or other high quality leather. Some of the SM whips from our assortment are exclusively made for us by qualified saddlers. The perfect SM whip for you was not in our range of SM whips? Contact us and get an individual unique SM whip made for you.

SM Whips - SM toys for bondage enthusiasts

Beautiful and high quality bondage shackles are very popular. We offer you a wide range of high quality bondage cuffs for wrists, ankles and thighs. Our assortment includes handcuffs, ankle cuffs and thigh cuffs as well as bondage straps and straitjackets. The bondage restraints in the SM online store of MEO are of high quality, offer a comfortable wearing comfort and are available in many colors and color combinations.

Bondage - the possible uses of the BDSM cuffs are unlimited as long as everything is done with the consent of both parties. Reach new dimensions of lust with Bondage restraints for professionals.

For even more control over your partner, you will find high quality leg irons in our assortment. With SM cuffs you will always have the upper hand or surrender yourself defenselessly to your partner - but one thing is clear for a hot love play there is no escape with the SM cuffs from MEO!

On request you can also get custom made thigh restraints - for maximum control.

MEO - your online store for high quality SM toys

Beside first class SM whips and SM shackles you will find a wide range of other exclusive SM toys in the MEO BDSM online store. Our SM online store offers you exciting SM toys, like collars, masks, leather jockstraps, dildos, BDSM jewelry, vibrators, gags, leashes, bondage ropes, love swings, spreader bars, cock rings and much more in high quality for stylish SM. Humility and dominance can be lived out with SM toys in an erotic and lustful way. The SM toys from our online store are products of best quality and especially stable. No matter how rough your love life is, our SM toys will stand up to your lust! Submissive and dominant desires can be lived out to the fullest satisfaction with SM toys from MEO.

BDSM Shop MEO - Your BDSM sex store for high quality SM & fetish items

For exciting games of the harder kind, you can find online in the BDSM sex store from MEO exquisite sex toys for both the submissive and the dominant partner. Bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism - four elementary terms of the BDSM scene. If you prefer to gain pleasure through sex practices, such as master-slave role-playing, bondage practices or generally through the combination of pleasure and pain during sex, and are looking for high-quality fetish articles and clothing, you will have found a very special online store for your preferences with MEO. We stand out from other BDSM stores by focusing on high value, best quality and first-class designs of our products. Many of the products we offer you for BDSM practices of all kinds in our online store are handmade unique pieces from the best materials. For example, in the assortment of our BDSM store we offer handmade whips, bullwhips, floggers, singletails, etc., which are made exclusively for MEO by a qualified whip maker from real leather. Also masks and leather clothing are produced for the excessive BDSM sex from high quality and genuine leather. Collars as well as other metal products we let our blacksmith produce extra. In the BDSM Shop MEO you get everything you need for painful and lustful games exclusively and in outstanding quality. No matter if you want to experience an adventure of the extra class or if you are experienced in the scene and know exactly what you want, MEO has a wide range of selected articles ready for you and also offers you the possibility to have extraordinary custom-made products manufactured.

MEO - extreme sex toys in highest quality

In the assortment of our BDSM Shop you will find what you are looking for.  Collars, bondage, gags, whips, masks, sexy apparel and various sex toys you will find in our assortment as well as love swings and fine BDSM jewelry. With the articles of our BDSM store you get the sexual kick and new stimuli you are longing for. MEO is your BDSM Sexshop for a sophisticated living out of special needs, which offers you high quality articles Made in Germany. On request, individual custom-made and special designs are easily realized by us. Tell us about your desire!

Order elementary & extraordinary equipment for BDSM in the store of MEO online

Bondage is part of BDSM practice, like lustful blows and bittersweet pain. For the stylish pleasure, we have a large and exquisite selection of bondage and SM articles in our BDSM Sexshop. Collars with rivets and O-rings, hand and ankle cuffs, harnesses and harness, gags, ropes and leashes - the selection of our BDSM store is diverse. If the partner is tied up, we also like to use a crop, whip or other SM toys to discipline and to be punished submissively. For pain in different intensity we have different types of whips and other SM articles in our BDSM store. For example you can find singletails, bullwhips, floggers, claps, crops and paddles to punish and be punished. We have the equipment to stimulate and live out submissive and dominant desires.

Noble BDSM jewelry from the BDSM Sexshop

With jewelry from our BDSM Sexshop you can also in public to show your sexual preferences discreetly. Jewelry with discreet references to the BDSM scene can be elegantly integrated into your outfit without being suggestive. However, the subtle pieces of jewelry clearly reveal to insiders how sex can be enjoyed. In our BDSM Shop you can get the ring of O made of stainless steel. The scene jewelry from our BDSM sex store is decorated with symbols from the BDSM scene and can be worn at fetish parties as well as in everyday life. Engraved words like "Master" or "Slave" stand for the image and attitude to life, which BDSM stands for.

MEO BDSM Sexshop - convenient online shopping & easy ordering

At MEO you can buy your BDSM articles online in a simple and uncomplicated way. We will deliver your order worldwide. Masters, dominas and slaves can discover the variety of our extensive BDSM store at MEO and get inspired and equipped for sexual dominance as well as for lustful submission.

SM Toys

Handcuffs and bondage ropes take the game between power and dedication to the next level. In combination with a blindfold the feeling of being at the mercy of others becomes even more appealing, because it sharpens the senses and makes you more sensitive to sensual touch.

The matching BDSM accessories

Bondage and BDSM have been the trend topic par excellence since the hype surrounding the Fifty Shades of Grey books. Many couples are now trying this new trend and integrate BDSM into their love life. SM toys that are bought to fit this lifestyle are often inspired by famous literature or movies. Many stores sell a variety of products, which are always very wicked, but do not fit every couple. Finding the right BDSM accessories sounds easy, but actually a little bit of intuition and experience is required. In our store you will find the right SM toy in no time, because we at MEO understand your needs and convert them into suitable products.

BDSM-Shop to search and find

Of course, it is also important to know if you are new to the field or if you are already true BDSM professionals. As a newcomer it is advisable to always start small. Especially suitable for this is a so-called "tickler", which you let stroke gently over your skin. In our huge BDSM selection you will also find many SM whips and bondage shackles. Start with gentle touches and slowly work your way into the mysterious and exciting world of BDSM. If it may be something more, our BDSM articles are suitable for advanced players. A whip, handcuffs and gags provide bondage pleasure in a class of its own and turn your bedroom into a sexy playground. Click here for the bondage instructions from MEO.

BDSM Toys for small money

Who thinks now that buying some toys will be really expensive is wrong. Because even for small money there are great articles in our Bondage Shop, which will understand and satisfy your BDSM needs. Some of the articles will revolutionize your love life and will be in no way inferior to the books and movies from which you are inspired. Once you have overcome yourself and have the necessary self-confidence for such a sensual love play, you will surely not be able to get enough of it, because BDSM is addictive! Researchers have even found out that BDSM makes you happy and healthy - so what are you waiting for?