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Lockable Butt Plugs


Expanding & locking butt plug

Once the lockable butt plug is spread to the max, you can lock it so it can't be removed without a key. A key is needed to reduce the butt plug to its previous slimmer size so it can be pulled out.

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    We're now offering a “junior version” or our famous anal master that's more affordable but every bit as effective.

    Enjoy the indescribable anal feeling of being completely filled up, alone or with a partner! Insert the butt plug using plenty of lube, then wait until it slowly but surely expands to full size! Pay attention here if you are the active partner; it's an amazing sensation to feel him (or you) being spread as wide as you can possibly imagine.

    The feeling is simply indescribable: the butt plug starts out small then expands to almost three times its size.... mmmm..... ahhhh. Stays securely in place, will not fall out.

    Benefits at a glance:

    • For pros and beginners alike
    • Hygienic material, easy to clean
    • Expandable
    • Stays securely in place
    • Will not slip out
    • Lockable

    Here's the kicker: once the butt plug is spread to the max, you can lock it so it can't be removed without a key. A key is needed to reduce the butt plug to its previous slimmer size so it can be pulled out. In an exciting twist, if you lose the key you'll have no choice but to call a locksmith.

    Our tips:

    • Connect the (locked) butt plug to a rope attached to the floor or wall.
    • Attach handcuffs or shackles
    • Add extra weights
    • Anal chastity - enjoy sexual dominance

    Our lockable butt plug starts out small (4.50 cm = 1 3/4" ) for insertion, then spreads to a maximum 7 cm. The total length is about 15 cm = 6". Material: nickel-free stainless steel.

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    Update to review.

    I was commenting on how this butt plug likes to fall out of my ass in the toilet. The locking butt plug I found that resolved this is also a product Meo carries:

    The plug I provided the url for has less of an egg shape, and the petals seems to work much better at keeping it in. In any case, I wanted to be fair, and potentially save someone money by them selecting the right product in the first place. Sexual toys are generally not returnable, but Meo has been good about covering manufacturing defects.

    In any case, if I spend more money and get the right product, I spend less money overall, because I didn't spend it on something that was not up to the task, and then end up having to buy the better one anyway.

    This was only my experience. Your mileage may vary.



      One pin wanted to fall out, fixed with locktite, as this was a spot I didn't want to move. When I do manage to get the "Expandable & lockable butt plug" in my ass, and petals deployed and locked, it just will fall out in the toilet. I guess my opening is too well trained? I have another design locking/expanding butt plug that I am much happier with. So most of this is a fit issue. The pin falling out was probably just in the 5% manufacturing defects that occur in everything. Note: guys with flexible asses: this might not work well for you, or perhaps you can use it for anal weight lifting. I Don't Know (IDK).


        Absoltue Spitzenklasse!!!!

        Absoltue Spitzenklasse!!!! Total geil das Teil einzuführen und dann noch dazu die SexBox-Reizstromgerät absolut empfehlenswert für den der ein wenig SM liebt.

        • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

        Abschließbarer Vaginal Plug

        Wir haben den Plug von Meo letztes Jahr, im Sommer gekauft.
        Das Teil benutzen wir jedoch als Vaginal-Plug. Die Wirkung ist dabei die Gleiche. Eingeführt, gespreizt und abgeschlossen, lässt er sich nicht mehr entfernen. Im Gegensatz zu dem Teil was Seilchen erwähnte ist der Blug von Meo ohne einer langen Gewindestange, aber ich muß schon sagen, auch vaginal ist so ein Teil schon recht gewöhnungsbedürftig.
        Wir nutzen ihn, weil mein Mann damit verhindern möchte, das ich an mir "herumspiele" oder mich gar nachts mal selber befriediege. Ich habe damit ein großes Problem, denn wenn ich gut drauf bin, die Lust dazu habe, dann befriediege ich mich gerne schon mal selber.
        Mein Mann findet das natürlich nicht so berauschend und so kam es zum Kauf des Plugs.
        Wenn ich liege, oder stehe, dann bereitet mir der Plug keinerlei Probleme. Er ist aber sehr gewöhnungsbedürftig. Denn, wenn ich ihn schon mal abends trage und sitze, dann brauche ich ein dickes, weiches Kissen. Es ist sehr unangenehm mit dem Plug auf einem harten Untergrund ( Holzstuhl, Hocker, etc. ) zu sitzen. Ich denke mir, wenn man Anal auf dem Steiß sitzt, kann es wirklich ungemütlich und eine Qual werden, so ein Teil in sich zu haben. Vaginal genutzt erfüllt das Teil ( leider ) schon seinen Zweck.Durch die recht große Frontplatte ist auch ein herankommen an gewisse Stellen nicht möglich. Nur das sitzen damit ist eine echte Herausforderung. Ohne ein dickes, weiches Kissen ist es echt unangenehm.

        • 10 out of 10 people found this review useful.

        Anal Pear

        I obtained this device some time ago, quite excited to get an actual 'anal pear'. With the comments from other viewers I have used it both anally and vaginally on my lg slave sluts with success. The important factors: - use a condom over it, saves you cleaning time - the rubber ring is only for shipping and should be removed - the mechanism is not "smooth" but works better with water-based lube - the locking pin is *very* easy to unscrew.

        • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

        My master got this for me

        My master got this for me when I first started with him, 3 weeks ago, I was pretty new to vaginal play, instead of just fucking, my master would lock me in place, and hold me tight. He would hold a vibrator to my clit and fuck my ass. Every time I tried to move it would pull my pussy apart. Last week he would lock the plug in my ass and hide the keys around his house. Every hour it took me to find them he would add another piece of gear, first it was a gag, then it was a collar, then it was nipple clamps, then a vibrator belt, then a corset, then ballet heel. Once I passed 6 hours he would put a blindfold on me. Last night I found it in a jar of peanut butter, after 10 hours.

        • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

        Pussy Lock

        This should be called a P***y Lock! Using in the ass is ok, but I've never had a better device to humiliate and control my wife than this device. My new favorite thing to do (and really get in her head) is to make her insert and spread it herself (usually with the encouragement of the paddle). To watch the look on her face as she locks it in her p***y knowing I will now have complete control over her is breath taking. Most recently I have used it as a part of our vibration training sessions, I make her put it in and lock it to the chain that secures her to the floor. She is then in the perfect position to line up any number of vibrators, and if she tries to pull away it will just stretch her to the max. I recently put her on a 12 day training ritual where she gets attached to the vibrator for 5 minutes the first day and then 5 more minutes each day after (making the 12th day a full hour). I got this cool timer for christmas lights and set it for one minute on and then one minute off (I don't think she could do it straight longer than 10-15 minutes). Watching her writhe trying to pull off the vibrator and stretching her p***y ever time she tried was sensational

        • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

        Locking Butt Plug

        I am really impressed with this locking plug, half price of others I've seen out there. Takes a little muscle to get it to expand after it's inserted, even with the rubber ring removed but it works. For me, once locked open it isn't coming out till it's unlocked. Locking post on one I got also unscrewed with little effort but I fixed that with a drop of LockTite . I'm thinking if one really wanted to be fiendish on someone, put this plug in the freezer for few hrs beforehand ;)

        • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

        Works well

        The quality is excellent and the piece works well. A very good piece of equipment to add to the collection.

        • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

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        Expanding & locking butt plug

        Expanding & locking butt plug

        Once the lockable butt plug is spread to the max, you can lock it so it can't be removed without a key. A key is needed to reduce the butt plug to its previous slimmer size so it can be pulled out.

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