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Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs

Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs

For nipples, balls or cock head ... These little orbs, with their powerful magnetic attraction, will give you or your partner the kind of pinch to take notice of.

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    Enjoy a delightfully devious pinch, with these magnetic orbs.


    These little orbs, with their powerful magnetic attraction, will give you or your partner the kind of pinch to take notice of.


    Place the balls where you'd like them and they'll gravitate towards each other, resulting in a squeeze on the skin. Use them on various places, such as the balls, cock head, and nipples.


    Note if you want to use them on both nipples, together, you'll want to pick up 2 pairs of orbs. Other areas, like balls and cock head, are fine with one pair.


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    • Size: Each ball measures 10 mm in diameter
    • Material: Metal coated magnet
    • Color: Silver
    • Place them on the skin and let their magnetic attraction create a pinch and squeeze


    Security Advice:


    This article isn´t a toy. Store it out of the reach of children. For storage we recommend our lockable Joyybox.


    Strong magnets can disturb electronic implants such as pacemakers, implanted defibrillators or activatable implants in their operation and put patients to risk. Keep a distance of at least 20cm between your implant and the magnet.


    There is a powerful attractive force between a magnet and an object containing iron or another magnet, so please handle our magnetic ball stretchers with care. If you aren´t careful you might pinch your finger or skin between two magnets. This might lead to bruising or effusion in the affected areas.


    Keep the magnets out of reach from all devices and objects that could get harmed by strong magnetic fields such as credit cards, data carriers, watches, etc.






    MEO Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs

    I think of myself as having quite a high pain tolerance and I love using clamps and impact toys. However, when MEO sent me their Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs I had to admit defeat.

    The concept of the Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs is simple but so clever. Clamps with a difference. But before I go on, first a warning. As suggested by the name MEO Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs contain magnets and this makes them unsuitable for use by people with electronic implants.

    This includes pacemakers, defibrillators or activatable implants. Magnets can disrupt these devices and MEO suggest keeping 20cm between the implant and magnet. Myself, if I had one of these devices I’d probably avoid these clamps to be sure.

    Magnetic Pull

    So, that’s the serious stuff out the way. Opening the package, I was somewhat bemused when two small silver balls fell out. This is the entire product and why they are Oh So Easy. There is no screwing or fiddling about with the orbs. Just straight on.

    Each Orb contains a super powerful magnet. Don’t underestimate the power of this at all. I found they could pull each other together with a fair distance between them. They go with a hell of a smack too.

    The general premise of the Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs is simple. Put them either side of your nipple and let the magnet hold them in place. They attract together and trap your nipple between them. The applications for these little buggers is endless. They can be used on balls, cocks, clits and labia.

    Painful Pinch

    In the interests of disclosure here is where I admit I won’t be doing any of that. Without doubt the Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs are the most painful clamps I’ve ever tried. They are much tighter than any regular screw or crocodile clamp. This is simply because the magnetic force is so strong.

    Applying the Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs isn’t difficult. But you do need to be careful. Holding the balls in either hand you need to slowly push them on either side of your nipple. If you don’t hold them tightly the magnetic pull will literally snatch the ball from your fingers and thwack it into your nipple with a hell of a bite.

    Hard to Move

    I can only imagine the pain levels if this was applied to your clit or balls. I found once in place either side of my nipple the Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs stayed put with no problem at all. In fact, they are difficult to remove. Even more so with slippery fingers. The magnet is so strong you kind of slide the balls off each other. If you have lube or bodily fluids on your fingers this is almost impossible.

    Describing the pain of using the Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs is hard. I found the pinch was so strong it led to a kind of heat within my nipple. At first this was extremely exciting but I quickly found the pain was too strong. Luckily, I was in a position to remove them but I imagine had I not been I’d have quickly been engaged in some pretty heavy-duty begging.

    Each orb measures around 10mm in diameter so storage is simple, but due to the nature of the magnets you must be careful where you put them. The orbs are silver in colour and are metal coated giving them a real hard pinch.

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      Geile Dinger

      halten super an nippeln und auch an der vorhaut ... macht spass damit zu spielen :-)))


        Not for the faint hearted

        therese are very strong - they offer prolonged pain to sensitive or inexperienced nipples. I also used on my penis head and misjudged the placement and have grazed my cock when the fle together. Very strong so need gentle and considered placement.

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        Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs

        Oh So Easy Magnetic Orbs

        For nipples, balls or cock head ... These little orbs, with their powerful magnetic attraction, will give you or your partner the kind of pinch to take notice of.

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