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Anal Balls & Anal Beads


Anal Balls & Anal Beads 

With anal balls, orgasms are felt ten times more strongly. Anal balls from the MEO ® online shop are suitable for beginners and professionals. Thanks to their flexibility and smooth surface, anal balls provide for exciting and passionate anal sex.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 29 items

What are anal balls?


After anal plugs, butt plugs, anal dildos and anal vibrators, anal balls (also called anal chains) are mainly what give anal sex lovers a lot of pleasure. They consist of spheres of the same or different sizes, which are joined together either by a string or by a fixed connection. At the end of an anal chain there is a return grip, which is supposed to prevent the anal balls from disappearing into the anus. Anal balls are suitable for both men and women and can provide incredibly powerful orgasms during both solo sex and shared love play. The method of pulling out the anal balls at the point of climax and thus increasing the feeling of orgasm tenfold is particularly popular with our customers.


You can wear anal balls throughout the entire love play or use them to prepare for anal sex. Experts also like to integrate the anal balls into a BDSM session.


What types of anal balls are available?


Anal balls are available in a wide variety of designs, made of every possible material and in many sizes. Anal chains are often made of body-friendly silicone, but there are also anal balls made of metals such as aluminium or stainless steel, as well as shatter-proof glass. Depending on your preference, you can choose between spheres of different diameters and different anal chain lengths. Anal balls can be the same size or start small and get bigger toward the end. There are also differences in the shape of the spheres: From round to oval, there are no limits. Some of our anal ball models have integrated vibration for particularly intense stimulation. Before you decide on a particular type of anal balls, you should also ask yourself whether it should be made of solid or flexible material.


How do I use anal balls correctly?


If you have chosen our anal balls, apply a little Alphamale Aqua lubricating gel, so they are easier to insert. It is also a good idea to clean yourself with an anal douche beforehand. Then apply some lubricant or Extremeo spray to your finger and gently massage your anus or that of your partner to relax the muscle and get ready for the anal balls. Then insert the anal balls to the desired depth. If your anus is sufficiently relaxed, true waves of arousal can occur if you move the anal chain or leave it fully inserted during sex. This additional stimulation of the anus means you are sure to experience breath-taking desire and explosive orgasms.


Once the last quake has subsided, you can carefully remove the anal chain and clean it with some soap and water or a toy cleaner.


What lubricating gel should I use with anal balls?


A little EXTREMEO spray to relax the anus makes insertion easier! Our silicone anal balls should only be used with water-based lubricants such as Aquameo or Alphamale Aqua from MEO ® to make them last longer! You can also use metal or glass anal balls with silicone-based lubricant.


How do I clean anal balls?


After use, our anal balls are easy to clean, thanks to their smooth surface, with warm water and our VERYCLEAN toy cleaner.