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MEO - Your specialist for exclusive sex toys and BDSM products

Since its foundation in 1997, MEO has developed into one of the world's leading online stores for high-quality sex toys and BDSM products. MEO stands for innovation, quality and satisfaction in the world of erotic pleasure. At MEO, you will find an extensive range of carefully selected products that enrich all facets of sexuality and expand the boundaries of your imagination.

At MEO, the diversity and uniqueness of each individual within the LGBTQIA+ community and beyond is paramount. Our goal is to offer an inclusive and comprehensive range that appeals to a wide variety of erotic desires and preferences. With a deep understanding of the complexity of sexual identities and preferences, we specialize in developing and offering products that enrich and intensify every sexual experience.

Our range:
We are proud to offer an exclusive selection of products that are suitable for both beginners and experienced pleasure seekers. Our range includes

  • Sex toys: Discover our extensive range of innovative and high-quality sex toys, with something for every taste and preference. From vibrators and dildos to anal beads - everyone will find the perfect toy for their pleasure with us.
  • BDSM products: As a reliable supplier of BDSM equipment, we place great importance on the quality and safety of our products. Our selection of restraints, whips, gags and bondage accessories is the result of careful selection and collaboration with small manufacturers who share our passion for BDSM. These items are not only safe and reliable, but also designed with a deep understanding of the needs of the BDSM community. They are designed for the most intense sessions and offer an unparalleled experience of dominance, submission and sensual punishment.
  • Lubricants: As a manufacturer of popular lubricants, we offer a variety of formulations that enhance sex in all its variations. Whether water- or silicone-based or special variants for electrostimulation - our personal lubricants ensure a smooth and pleasurable experience. At MEO, you'll find a versatile selection of personal lubricants and sprays to enhance sex. Our fisting lubricants offer extreme lubricity for pleasant pleasure during intense moments. The gentle water-based vaginal lubricants provide natural moisture and a smooth experience. For anal sex, we have developed special lubricants that impress with their thicker consistency and long-lasting effect. Our blowjob and deep throat sprays enhance oral pleasure by freshening breath and increasing sensitivity - ideal for unforgettable moments. Our specially developed blowjob sprays take your oral adventures to a new level. They turn every moment into a special experience by intensifying the sensations for both partners. Perfect for anyone who wants to expand their oral skills and make these special moments unforgettable.
  • Milking machines for the penis: Immerse yourself in the world of pleasure with our state-of-the-art milking machines. These devices are the ultimate for those with a penis who want to explore the art of Edge & Denial and maximize their pleasure. Designed for intense orgasms, our milking machines offer a variety of settings and rhythms. Perfect for solo sessions or as an addition to play with a partner, these machines take the experience to the next level of satisfaction.
  • Chastity belts: For those who love to play with power and control, our chastity belts offer an exciting way to tame your own pleasure or control that of your partner. Our range includes various models - from breathable models for long periods of wear to models for short sessions. Safe, comfortable and made from high-quality materials, our chastity belts are the ultimate accessory for lovers of BDSM and discipline.
  • Sex machines: For those who don't compromise and are looking for the ultimate thrill, our sex machines offer unrivaled intensity and endless satisfaction. These machines are true masterpieces of engineering, designed for relentless and precise stimulation. With a variety of attachments and customization options, our sex machines fulfill every fantasy and offer unlimited variations for sex. Whether for intense solo pleasure or as an addition to couples play, these machines set new standards in sexual satisfaction.

Inclusion is a top priority at MEO:
MEO is one of the pioneers of inclusion and diversity in the field of sexual wellness. We are proud to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community and actively support the exploration and self-actualization of all forms of sexual identity and expression. Through our commitment to quality, safety and innovation, we want to give everyone the freedom to enjoy and express their sexuality to the fullest.

Our promise:
At MEO, we care about your satisfaction. We focus on the highest quality, discretion and excellent customer service. Our goal is not only to provide you with products, but also to inspire and advise you on a fulfilling sex life.

There for you worldwide:
With shipping options to numerous countries around the globe, MEO is always just a click away. Discover the possibilities of sexual pleasure with MEO and be inspired by our passion for quality and innovation. The MEO online store is available in the following languages: Bulgarian, Chinese, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Visit us online and immerse yourself in a universe that fulfills your deepest desires. MEO - where dreams come true.