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Anal Electrosex


Anal Electrosex 

Anal electro stimulation from tender to very hard. Whether an electrosex dildo or a butt plug with e-stim, our electro toys will seduce you.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 46 items

Electrosex or erotic electrostimulation is generally understood as the pleasurable inclusion of electronic impulses in sexual acts. It is also referred to as electrostimulation, or e-stim for short. The necessary hardware for this is comprehensively called E-Stim Toys or E-Stim devices.

The term electrosex thus stands for a wide and exciting field that can range from gentle foreplay to intense penetration to long climaxes. People with electrosex experiences report great pleasure and of course these apply to estim mann as well as estim frau.

It is important to know that electrosex devices meet a high and safe standard. They originally come from the field of Tens devices, as they are used in the medical field, for example, for muscle building and nerve stimulation for decades useful. Electrosex or erotic electrostimulation is therefore not dangerous, but simply plays with nerve stimuli as they take place in our body anyway. In estimation, these stimuli are merely amplified and used specifically for eroticizable body regions.

Necessary for all types of play around electrostimulation is usually a combination of stimulation current device (Mystim Tension Lover, MEO Sexbox or Mystim Pure Vibes) and additional electro sex toys that can be connected to the device. The selection is large, especially popular are, for example, the electric penis stimulation, stimulation current for the prostate, but also stimulation current plugs or an electro dilator for the urethra. Electrosex accessories for the nipples or electrosex slings, which can be applied to different parts of the body, are also among the most popular electro toys. Electrosex electrodes are included with every stimulation current device and can of course also be purchased again and again.

Simple and concrete without further wiring effort, is an electrosex vibrator in various configurations. This is equipped with its own pulse generator and conductive surfaces, while the intensity of the erotic electrostimulation is easily adjustable via various pre-programmed pampering modes. So an easy start to make yourself and others a nice gentle or rather fast and intense electrosex fan at the push of a button.

We recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the stimulation current device "outside the body". The best way to do this is to experiment a little with the electrosex sex toy in your hand beforehand. You should hold an electrosex sextoy or a sextoy connected to an e-stim device with both hands - so that both poles/conductive surfaces have skin contact.

Now afterwards, turn on the power and turn on the electrosex device. Don't worry, electro sex toys and electro sex devices always automatically start at a low intensity. It makes sense to get to know the impulses and stimuli with your hands and try out different intensities before using the estim device on erotic zones. On the palms of the hands and generally with flat skin contact, the flowing current is distributed evenly. If you touch both poles with only two fingertips, the flowing current is concentrated on two small areas (the fingertips) and suddenly becomes more intense. So don't get scared and, if possible, avoid small contact surfaces.

For electro-sex and erotic electro-stimulation, we always recommend the use of water-based lubes such as our "ESHOCK" gel, so that the current is optimally conducted.

New on the market and the epitome of modern Eletrosex quality: Estim devices such as the Mystim Cluster Buster, which can operate as a magical electro remote control wirelessly via estim Subs, different electro Toys.