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Anal Electrostimulation


PulseCore QUATTRO - Anal Stimulator - Anal Electro Play

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Seamless blend of anal dilation and electro stimulation: Featuring a conical design for effortless insertion, the PulseCore QUATTRO anal stimulator is ideal for those who enjoy the sensation of anal dilation coupled with precise electrical impulses.

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    Experience a new dimension of anal electrostimulation with MEO's PulseCore™, a bipolar anal stimulator. By delivering targeted electrical stimulation to the nerve endings in the anus, this anal stimulator increases sexual pleasure and leads to more intense orgasms. The strength of the pulses can be individually adjusted, making the PulseCore™ suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

    Unique features and benefits:

    • Precise stimulation: The PulseCore™ provides precise and focused stimulation, creating more intense and often deeper sensations that are difficult to achieve with traditional butt plugs or anal vibrators.
    • Customisable intensity: With the PulseCore™ and an electrostimulation device, you can precisely control the intensity of the electrical pulses so you can enjoy both gentle and powerful stimulation. Simply experiment with different settings to get the effect you want.
    • Increased orgasmic intensity: Many users report an intensification of their orgasms when using the PulseCore™. The electrical stimulation leads to increased muscle contraction, which enhances the sexual experience.
    • Psychological effect: Particularly in a BDSM context, the PulseCore™ can increase feelings of dominance and submission.

    Overall, anal electrostimulation with our PulseCore™ bipolar butt plug is an exciting way to discover new sensations and intensify sexual pleasure.

    Easy to clean:

    The PulseCore™ butt plug can be easily cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent or InstaClean spray. To avoid damaging the electrode, aggressive cleaning agents should not be used.

    This lubricant makes anal electrostimulation even more pleasurable:

    For the best experience, use our water-based ESHOCK lubricant. This special lubricant ensures easy anal/vaginal insertion and good electrical conductivity. Avoid silicone-based or hybrid lubricants.

    Further details:

    • PulseCore™ Anal Stimulator - Anal Electro Stimulation - Electro Play Butt Plug
    • Butt plug length: total length 5.5 cm (2.17 inches), insertion length 4.8 cm (1.89 inches)
    • Butt plug diameter: 3 cm (1.18 inches)
    • Base diameter: 2.5 cm (0.98 inches)
    • Cable length: 113 cm (44.49 inches)
    • 3.5 mm jack plug / adapter
    • The PulseCore™ anal electrostimulation butt plug must be connected to an electrostimulation device or TENS unit for full functionality. These devices provide the butt plug with electrical impulses that directly stimulate the nerve endings in the anal area. This targeted stimulation can increase the intensity of sensations and lead to particularly deep and satisfying orgasms that cannot be achieved with conventional butt plugs or vibrators.

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    Ich hätte nie gedacht, dass E-Stim so viel Spaß machen kann! Die elektrischen Impulse in Kombination mit der analen Stimulation sind einfach unglaublich. Das Gefühl ist schwer zu beschreiben - es ist eine Mischung aus absolut geilem Analsex und aufregendem Kitzeln wie immer kurz vor dem Orgasmus. Der Plug ist ergonomisch geformt und lässt sich leicht einführen. Die Steuerung der Impulse über mein Reizstromgerät ist einfach und ermöglicht es mir, die E-Stim genau nach Wunsch einzustellen. Absolut empffehlenswert!


      New levels of sensation

      I recently had the incredible opportunity to try out this amazing stainless steel electrode for anal electrostimulation, and let me tell you, it was an absolute game-changer! Although I'm still new to the world of electro play, this electrode blew me away! It far exceeded my expectations in every way. The material's smoothness and comfort, paired with the perfect shape for anal stimulation, made the entire experience incredibly pleasurable! The electrostimulation was truly mind-blowing – intense, arousing, and completely unforgettable. Despite my initial apprehension, using this electrode was surprisingly simple, and the sensations it delivered were incredibly powerful. This product has not only heightened my pleasure but also piqued my interest in further exploring Electro Play. For those looking to elevate their playtime and explore new levels of sensation, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this electrode a try. It undoubtedly deserves a solid five-star rating!

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        PulseCore QUATTRO - Anal Stimulator - Anal Electro Play

        PulseCore QUATTRO - Anal Stimulator - Anal Electro Play

        Seamless blend of anal dilation and electro stimulation: Featuring a conical design for effortless insertion, the PulseCore QUATTRO anal stimulator is ideal for those who enjoy the sensation of anal dilation coupled with precise electrical impulses.

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