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Anal Stretching


Anal tunnel plug for anal stretching - Anal Stretcher

This anal stretcher is a tunnel butt plug for anal stretching that does what it promises. With this anal plug, beginners and experienced users can engage in sustained anal stretching and achieve impressive results.

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    This anal stretcher is a tunnel butt plug for anal stretching that does what it promises. With this butt plug, beginners and experienced users can engage in sustained anal stretching and achieve impressive results.


    The tunnel butt plug from MEO ® holds the anus wide open, guarantees extreme sensations and stretches the anus the whole way round, with clearly visible results. Perfect for keeping the anus permanently open. Being so exposed is just so hot!


    Important criteria when choosing: We have not made any compromises in the choice of materials. The tunnel butt plug is made from particularly high-quality silicone with a velvety soft surface. It is firm enough to be easily inserted, is guaranteed to be very comfortable to wear and stays securely in place without slipping out.


    How do I use a tunnel butt plug for anal stretching?


    The tunnel butt plug from MEO has been designed in such a way that you can squeeze it together before inserting it and it will not expand to the maximum size until it is fully inserted! It’s so easy to use! Before use, the two sides of the anal plug are squeezed together. Once the tunnel butt plug is fully inserted, the two flanks spread apart and spread the anus to more than twice the size. By the way, regular training with the tunnel butt plug also ensures that the result (wide open anus) can remain permanently.


    Anal stretching for beginners and advanced users! Compared to other products for anal stretching, the tunnel butt plug is suitable for ANYONE who loves extreme anal stretching and likes to experiment with anal sex toys. Whether beginners or experienced users, men or women, the tunnel butt plug really makes everyone happy!


    What are the advantages of a tunnel butt plug or an anal plug with an opening?


    A hollow anal plug, also called a tunnel butt plug, is an anal plug that is hollow in the middle. It is inserted into the anus and keeps the anus open so you can look inside without any hindrance. In addition, tunnel butt plugs are used for games using various fluids, for example lubricating gel or water. An tunnel butt plug also offers the option of anal penetration using a long anal dildo, an inflatable dildo or a penis. An anal plug with an opening or a butt plug with tunnel can be used by men and women alike and is intended for those of you who like to experiment with different types of anal stimulation.


    Anal stretching or sphincter training?


    The term ‘sphincter training’ is often used in error to refer to anal stretching. Wearing a tunnel butt plug, an anal plug or practising fist fucking is not training the sphincter, because "training" involves building up new muscle fibres. This does not happen with anal stretching. From a medical point of view, this is over-stretching of the sphincter.


    Are you not sure which tunnel anal plug is right for you?


    Our tunnel butt plugs are available in different sizes. At MEO, you will also find a large selection of anal plugs for anal stretching, butt plugs for anal beginners and even anal stretching rings. Beginners in particular should choose a tunnel butt plug in a smaller size. We at MEO can also recommend our successful anal stretching plug set consisting of 3 anal plugs.


    Anal stretching: Important tips for cleaning the tunnel butt plug!


    Before using a tunnel butt plug or anal plug, you should clean it thoroughly. Usually, warm water and a mild soap are sufficient. For hygienic cleaning, you can use our VERYCLEAN spray. Our silicone tunnel butt plug has a pore-free surface, so that bacteria and dirt particles cannot become too firmly attached. It goes without saying that cleaning is particularly important after use too. You may also want to use an anal douche enema to clean the bowel before stretching the sphincter.


    What lubricating gel should I use for anal stretching?

    You should note the following before anal stretching: We recommend a water-based lubricant such as Aquameo for inserting the tunnel butt plug. Moisten both the anus and the tunnel butt plug with the lubricating gel. Our EXTREMEO spray makes anal stretching easier and also allows the untrained user to insert the tunnel butt plug easily. Please do not use silicone-based lubricants, as they will damage the high-quality material of the anal plug!


    How does anal stretching using a tunnel butt plug work?


    Follow our tips and tricks on anal stretching:


    1.) Get into the right position: It's best to lie on the floor or on your bed. It is known that anal stretching is easier when lying down because your body is much more relaxed in this position. Under certain circumstances, you may want to use a towel or one of our water-repellent sex bed sheets to protect your bed linen. 2.) Feel your anus: Use your index finger to feel the anus and moisten it with a little lubricating gel such as Aquameo (if necessary, use our Extremeo anal relaxation spray beforehand). Hold the tunnel butt plug in your other hand and guide it toward the sphincter. 3.) Inserting the tunnel butt plug: You can now slowly insert the compressed tunnel butt plug. The sphincter opens gradually. Take your time and insert the tunnel butt plug slowly and carefully. Do not use strong pressure. Only insert the tunnel butt plug so far that the sphincter is not overstretched and it is pleasant for you. 4.) Practising anal stretching: Keep the tunnel butt plug in you for about 15 minutes. Do not change the position of the tunnel butt plug. The sphincter is relaxed by stretching and contraction is reduced. We recommend you masturbate while doing so, but of course that is entirely up to you! 5.) Ending anal stretching: After the time has elapsed, you can slowly push out the tunnel butt plug and let it slide out. Not too fast, because your sphincter should have time to adjust. 6.) Clean the anal plug for anal stretching: Clean the tunnel butt plug with warm water, mild soap and our VERYCLEAN spray. You should also clean your own intimate area and perhaps use an anal douche.


    How often should I perform anal stretching?


    You can practice anal stretching shortly before anal sex. Even 45 minutes after anal stretching, your sphincter still remains sufficiently relaxed. Of course, you can enjoy anal stimulation with our tunnel butt plug as often as you like. Many of our customers also use our anal stretching rings made of polished aluminium, because they look particularly fine. They can also be used as intimate jewellery during foreplay.


    Tips on buying – Which anal sex toy is right for anal stretching?


    We at MEO ® are specialists in the field of anal stretching. In our shop, you will always find what you are looking for if you want to buy a toy to stretch the sphincter! Do you want to stretch the sphincter extensively or extremely? Then we recommend our anal stretcher or a butt plug for anal stretching. We also have a wide range of anal plugs to train the sphincter and other exciting anal toys, such as an anal pump or anal stretching rings. In our informative product descriptions you will also find further tips and tricks on the topics of “Inserting an Anal Plug", "Anal for Beginners" and "Wearing an Anal Plug".


    Anal tunnel plug with perfect fit in 3 sizes:


    • SMALL if you are a beginner: 7 cm = 2.75 inches long, 3.5 to 7 cm diameter, 5,7 cm base diameter, opening 2.7 cm diameter
    • MEDIUM if you are already trained: 8 cm = 3.15 inches long, 3.7 to 8 cm diameter, 6.5 cm base diameter, opening 3 cm diameter
    • LARGE if you are a butt slut: 10 cm = 4 inches long, 4.5 to 10 cm diameter, 7.7 cm base diameter, opening 3.5 cm diameter


    Further details:


    • Anal tunnel plug for extreme anal stretching
    • Hollow anal plug
    • Available in different sizes
    • Suitable for beginners and professionals
    • Spreads the anus continuously
    • Material: Silicone, free of phthalates
    • Our anal plug can all be used with any water-based lubricating gel from MEO ®
    • Extremeo ® spray makes anal stretching easier!
    • Recommended by MEO in the special online shop for anal stretching
    • Appropriate plugs for closing the tunnel: Item 2481/S01 matching plug 8631 in size L, Item 2481/S02 matching plug 8631 in size L, Item 2481/S03 matching plug 8631 in size XL.

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    Good & very sexy

    Soft yet firm but a true pleasure of a time.

    • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

    Love it!!!

    Everything about this is WONDERFUL. It feels so good going in and then stays right where you put it, and the sense of being open and accessible is delicious. Instant favorite.

    • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.


    Can slip inside.. fun to read but not at all to experiment with, I strongly advise against this article.

    • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Meglio di quanto pensassi

    Ho spavaldamente preso una misura M e pensavo di pentirmene perché è il mio primo plug, invece esperienza impeccabile. Usato in coppia e apprezzatissimo da entrambe le parti. Sensazione forte e allo stesso tempo confortevole

    • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.



    Habe mir den Tunnel in der Grösse S geholt und muss sagen: der ist Spitze! Das Material ist weiches, angenehmes Silikon. Der gleitet ganz schön gut und sanft rein und bleibt bis zum Wiederrausnehmen an seinem Platz! Das Dauertragen ist somit wunderbar machbar, was die Dehnung auch ausmacht. Allerdings sollte Meo die Stopper überarbeiten! Lange Zeit tragen ja, bloss nach dem Spülen setze ich den Tunnel rein, damit es nicht unangenehm wird, dazu den Stopper und der ist dann, nach ner Zeit nicht mehr rauszubekommen ohne den Tunnel komplett raus ziehen zu müssen! Da soll noch ein Kettchen oder ein Ring oder Seil dran und den Stopper ohne den Tunnel rausziehen zu können.

    Ach ja, werde mit noch mindestens die Grösse M holen, maximum die beiden restlichen Grössen M und L.

    • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

    Prodotto molto apprezzato, fa il suo dovere

    Prodotto molto apprezzato, fa il suo dovere


      Klasse Gefühl

      Es freut mich jedesmal den Plug zu tragen!
      Egal ob ich mich nur kurz auf ein Spiel vorbereite oder auch Mal den ganzen Tag, der Plug in Größe M ist mein absoluter Liebling.
      Sobald er drin ist und innen schön alles ausfüllt, bekommt man das Gefühl gar nicht mehr aus dem Kopf. Er erinnert regelmäßig auf eine angenehme Art was man gerade trägt.

      • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

      Funktioniert einwandfrei

      Bin komplett begeistert von diesem Analplug der auch bei längerem Tragen nicht verrutscht. Im Vergleich zu anderen Analplugs sitzt dieser optimal und sorgt für ein ständiges Gefühl das man einen Dehnungsplug drin hat. Kann den Plug nur empfehlen.

      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

      tolle Idee, aber ....

      dieser Plug rutscht immer wieder von alleine raus. Für mich ist der Plug leider nicht nutzbar. Der äußere Teil müsste auch grösser sein, damit nicht der ganze Plug innen verschwinden kann. Das Material ist super.


        Geiles Teil!!!

        Einfach nur ein geiles Teil! hab mir größe M bestellt und paßt super!! Geht zwar ein bisschen zach rein, aber wenn er mal drinnen ist, ist es einfach nur geil. Das Loch ist schön offen und man hat geile Einblicke!!


          It doesn't take long to stretch your hole.

          Very comfortable to wear for long periods. I've worn them at work and while out and about. They feel very secure. It doesn't take long to stretch your hole.

          • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

          Anal Tunnel Plug für Analdehnung

          Nicht der erste Analplug dieser Art, den ich habe. Im Vergleich zu anderen ist er wirklich sehr gut und führt zu einer extra Stimulation da er sich zwangsläufig sehr weit auseinanderspreizt. Passt bei mir 1A, ein Stöpsel wäre toll.

          • 0 out of 1 people found this review useful.

          Top Anal Dehner

          Mega geil um geile Spielchen damit zu machen oder um Flüssigkeiten in den Anus reinlaufen zu lassen.
          Aber Vorsicht, denn die Suchtgefahr ist groß :)

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            Anal tunnel plug for anal stretching - Anal Stretcher

            Anal tunnel plug for anal stretching - Anal Stretcher

            This anal stretcher is a tunnel butt plug for anal stretching that does what it promises. With this anal plug, beginners and experienced users can engage in sustained anal stretching and achieve impressive results.

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