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Puppy Butt Plug


Butt Plug with Tail Tucker - Puppy Anal Plug

Every human pup needs a nice wiggly rubber tail. Our Puppy Buttplug with tail is designed to stay put and be worn for hours.

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    Every human pup will be delighted with this anal plug with tail, because a two-legged puppy needs a beautiful dog tail to wag! Made of 100% silicone, the butt plug not only feels totally comfortable, it also impresses with its particularly high durability.


    Thanks to the anatomical shape, the base of the puppy anal plug suctions securely between the butt cheeks when it is fully inserted. So you can wear the anal plug with tail comfortably and securely 24/7. All around, a perfect anal plug with tail and the first choice for many human pups.


    The dog tail on the anal plug is flexible and will look absolutely fantastic when you wag it for your handler! Woof!


    Human Pup Play at MEO:


    At MEO, you will find exactly the right equipment for human pup play. For pups and dogs, this includes in particulara dog mask,collar, lead, knee pads, paws and an anal plug with tail.


    Material, the right lube and care:


    Made of top class, phthalate-free material - body-friendly, non-porous and silky soft, to offer a unique, satisfying and yet safe anal feeling. Some EXTREMEO spray makes it easier for you to insert anally! Only use water-based lubes such as Aquameo from MEO® to extend the life of your new sex toy! Wash before and after every use and clean with VeryClean spray.


    Further details:


    • Puppy play kink
    • Anal plug with tail, puppy play kink
    • Material: Silicone
    • This plug measures approx. 60 mm in diameter. The plug has an insertable length of 10 cm. The tail is a little over 30 cm in length and will look hot as fuck sticking out of your ass and wigglin! Woof!




    Plug anale con coda

    Questo butt plug è un plug anale a forma di coda che vi permetterà di insegnare al vostro cane un nuovo gioco, fatto di comandi e richieste, si ritroverà così a scodinzolare con il lato b ben occupato, e con una coda che fuoriesce enorme. Le dimensioni di questo plug anale sono decisamente extra large, la sua punta affusolata e liscia aiuterà l'enorme plug ad entrare nel vostro ano mentre la base svasata è sagomata per adattarsi comodamente tra le natiche, premendo contemporaneamente contro il perineo per una stimolazione supplementare. Mentre si stringono i fianchi, la lunga coda da cucciolo può scodinzolare per il vostro divertimento. Realizzato in silicone di alta qualità, questo plug anale è senza ftalati, sicuro e non poroso. Il vostro desiderio di dominazione renderà il vostro sottomesso un vero e proprio animale domestico, pronto a scodinzolare ad ogni vostro comando, per goderselo con piacere estremo!




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      Butt Plug with Tail Tucker - Puppy Anal Plug

      Butt Plug with Tail Tucker - Puppy Anal Plug

      Every human pup needs a nice wiggly rubber tail. Our Puppy Buttplug with tail is designed to stay put and be worn for hours.

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