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Chastity belts


Chastity belts 

With our chastity belts 2.0 the man loses control over his penis! The most modern chastity belts for men you will find here in a wide selection. Chastity belts for men for long-term chastity maintenance and much more!


  • Chastity belts with remote control and electro stimulation. 100% escape proof. Chastity over years is possible.

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A male chastity belt, also known as a penis cage or male chastity belt, is used to prevent the wearer from having an erection or performing sexual acts. It consists of a metal or plastic casing that is placed around the penis and is often secured with a lock to prevent the wearer from removing it themselves.

There are several reasons why men may wear a chastity belt, including:

  • BDSM and fetishism: In the BDSM scene, the chastity belt is often used as part of the game to take control of the wearer's sexual arousal in order to dominate him.
  • Relationship dynamics: in some relationships, the chastity belt is used as a way to create a certain dynamic between partners. One partner may ask the other to wear the chastity belt to increase sexual tension or to emphasize a commitment to fidelity.
  • Self-control: Some men wear a chastity belt to protect themselves from unwanted sexual activity or to better control their own sexual arousal.

It is important to note that the chastity belt is a very controversial topic and some people may view it as a form of restriction on sexual freedom. It is therefore important that all parties involved in its use communicate clearly and consensually about it, taking into account their own limits and needs.