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Remote Control Electrosex Nipple Clamps

From a slight tingling to targeted power surges - MEO's electrosex nipple clamps are convincing!

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    From a slight tingling to targeted power surges - MEO's electrosex nipple clamps are convincing!


    MEO's nipple clamps for electro-stimulation are an all-in-one device that will impress any user: The remote control, which is connected to you via a cable, gets things tingling, from a slight prickle to small power surges!


    The rotary knob on the remote control allows you to experiment in comfort and switch quickly between the different frequencies.


    In particular, this set is absolutely perfect for anyone who has little or no experience with electrosex and yet is into having their sensitive nipples stimulated by clamps.


    Further details:


    • Remote control electrosex nipple clamps
    • 2 nipple clamps for electro-stimulation, 1 control unit
    • Adjustable
    • Requires 3V CR2032 batteries (included)
    • Modulation frequency: 0.01 Hz ~ 1Hz.
    • Pulse repetition frequency: < 70 Hz
    • Output pulse amplitude: 90 - 150 Hz
    • The advantage of the bipolar Estim nipple clamps is that the current only flows between the contacts of the metal surfaces directly through the nipples.
    • CAUTION: Electro-stimulation should not be used by anyone with a pacemaker!
    • Because the controls cannot exert impulses as strong as our SexBox, for example, it is particularly recommended for beginners in the area of electrosex. Of course, you will not miss out at all on the special effect.

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    Eine Bereicherung für eine Person, sowie auch für zwei.

    Es macht einen soliden Eindruck.
    Die Impulse kommen von leicht bis hart.
    Batterie einlegen ist etwas knifflig, aber zu schaffen. Die mitgelieferte CR 2032 ist eine übliche Größe, (Waage).
    Plus ist nach oben einzulegen, so das die Bezeichnung zu sehen ist, halten und den Verschluss zuschieben.
    Dieses Gerät ist gut, macht Lust auf mehr.
    Die Klemmen gehen weit auf, auch für dicke BW gut geeignet, ebenso auch für andere Stellen.
    Auch die Außenimpulse zum massieren sind gut, bis stark zu spüren.
    Wir wünschen viel Spaß damit. Einfach geil.
    Von uns 5 Sterne.


      whan the pain turns into pleasure

      yes, the first time you use it, it hurts, but the pain leaves the subtle wish to try again . The second and all the other times you will love it, the device has a built in cycle at different spike intensities and frequency that really turns you up. This is really the emotion to cross the border between the pain and the pleasure. Strongly recommended.

      • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.

      Painful and pleasurably exciting

      The from the moment I turn them on I just want to play with myself and orgasm. Once you are used to the new sensations, the pain becomes very pleasurable very quickly. They Tingle, bite, vibrate. Best buy in a long time.

      If you love your nipples being played with hard and rough. Treat yourself to this, right now.

      • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

      Geil und nicht nur an den Nippeln

      Ich freue mich sehr über dieses wunderbare Produkt, denn ich nutze es nicht nur an den NIppeln sondern auch am Hodensack und Penis. Wahnsinn!


        Intense, but worth it

        My Mistress LOVES this toy. It is intense and not for the faint of heart, but if you enjoy making your Mistress happy, this toy will do it

        • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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        Remote Control Electrosex Nipple Clamps

        Remote Control Electrosex Nipple Clamps

        From a slight tingling to targeted power surges - MEO's electrosex nipple clamps are convincing!

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