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Welcome to MEO

Welcome to MEO, the German special mail-order business for men. Under the slogan "MEO makes you come" many interesting products from the bizarre erotic sector await you. MEO is one of the leading providers in the erotic sector. Since 1997, the renowned mail-order business based in the heart of Europe has been successfully delivering its products all over the world. Every day, thousands of articles leave the MEO mail-order firm. 

SERVICE, DISCRETION & PROFESSIONALISM are important for us at MEO. So we can already ensure you that your order will be handled discreetly and sent to you in neutral packaging. We deliver all over the world, no minimum order, within a short period. You usually receive your shipment in Europe in a few days at reasonable shipping rates (beginning at € 6.90) (express shipments are possible of course, if you should require an article very quickly). You can pay your MEO bill very easily by credit card (Amex, Visa or MasterCard), by COD, or by advance payment.

Trust in our many years of experience and enjoy hassle-free shopping at MEO.

For the best, go to MEO

MEO is one of the leading providers in the erotic sector. Since 1997, the renowned mail-order business in Germany has been successfully delivering its products all over the world. Every day, thousands of articles leave the MEO mail-order firm.

For the best, go to MEO ... is what more and more discerning men say. For them, MEO is the first choice and not only because of the high level of professionalism and discretion of this central German company with its northern charm.

MEO has an unsurpassed high quality selection from the areas SM, bondage, fetish (latex, leather, water sports, medical & pet games), toys, night fashion, and chastity and as a men’s store of the erotic sector, covers "the needs of the modern man".

Whether elaborate, hand-made leather bonds (naturally vegetable tanned), spandex masks (hand-rolled), exclusive sex toys of finest Swedish steel, or heavy bonds from traditional German steelmakers – MEO’s product range will impress you.

MEO makes you come

MEO is attractive – that much is certain. MEO not only makes you come – many of our legendary products have an “orgasm guarantee” – but will make you come again. There is hardly another mail-order business in the fetish sector with so many satisfied return customers.

“German quality says it all” in the words of the management at MEO and they are absolutely correct. “We have been producing articles of consistent, sustained quality for over a decade. Uncompromising products, convincing design; products that stand apart from short-lived trends.” “Our product range is large, our prices certainly not among the lowest, but our products are extremely good. Quality endures. Cheap products can be found elsewhere.”

If you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere …

The MEO asslicker that sucks up to your ass and pampers you with electric stimuli, the penis ring with sperm brake, scepter with penis rings, penis plugs for a never-before experienced orgasmic trembling, locking gags, rosebud zoomers, inflatable latex masks, safe time locks for self bondage, or massage devices, subtly called “fucking machines” at MEO – MEO is a manufacturer that sets standards.

Proven MEO brands

In addition to the proven own brands such as MEO, EXTREMEO, EZ2FUCK, EZ2SUCK, AQUAMEO, STROKE, Plowgirl, Plowboy, Analpush, Rushtime, Alpha Male, BUTTBLANC, Form follows Phantasy, MEO - makes you come!, Cockcandy and Nopacha, MEO also sells products by Doc Cock, Dr. Sado and Bare Back, as well as our own couture line of elaborately made latex clothing for men. A small but solid line of “less than nothing” (the term underwear would be an exaggeration) completes MEO’s perfect line.

MEO makes you come. MEO makes you want to want. MEO is one of the strongest brands on the market and has the potential to become one of the best erotic brands in the world. 

Together we’re strong

From the community for the community

From planning to implementation. From problem to solution. From concept to product. MEO, all over the world for people and for the community.  

Forwards is more than just one direction. Good ideas and progress need a radius of 359 degrees. We think and act in all directions.

If you have a product that you think could be of interest to us and the community, please let us know:


MEO Vertriebs GmbH

Lise-Meitner-Str. 9

D-45699 Herten

[email protected]

Quality is quality

Solid German quality

It is amazing how many products we see today that are lacking in everything that we consider good, solid, or even slightly functional. There are apparently no limits to the attempt to make cheap and inferior products.

Many of these cheap, carelessly produced, soon broken und irreparable articles without which, if you can believe the promises made by many of our competitors, good modern sex is inconceivable, are made in Asia.

“German quality is forever” says the management at MEO and they’re absolutely right. “For a decade we have produced products of consistent, sustained quality, uncompromising in the choice of materials, impressive design that distinguishes itself from short-lived trends.” “Our selection is large, our prices are not the lowest, but our products are excellent. And quality endures! You can get cheap elsewhere.”

We hope that you like our products. And it would be nice if you would support us, either by placing an order, by recommending us to others, or by making suggestions or offering criticism.

MEO – out into the world

Going proudly out into the world:

Every day, MEO based in Herten, in the heart of the Ruhr area, delivers to customers in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia as well as to shops in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the US, and many other countries. You can generally find our products in almost all capitals of the western world.

Every day MEO ships several thousand articles from Herten out into the world. MEO wholesale is, in addition to our mail-order business, the second mainstay of the MEO group. In the past years, this has developed into an international wholesale trade with partnerships in all of Europe, the US, and the Far East. Crucial to our success is the close personal contact to the customer and a bestseller product range that is constantly being optimized.