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NoPacha Eliminator - Sustained Chastity for Men

The NoPacha Eliminator is a chastity belt for the man who wants to have control of his genitals taken away.

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    The NoPacha Eliminator is a chastity belt for the man who wants to have control of his genitals taken away.


    Self-satisfaction or intercourse are impossible when wearing the NoPacha Eliminator chastity belt and any possible sexual arousal immediately leads to unpleasant pain.


    The NoPacha Eliminator chastity belt is lockable and completely encloses the penis and testicles.


    Structure of the chastity cage:


    The chastity cage consists of a so-called protector (half-shell shape) with a tubular inner component into which the penis is inserted and tightly fixed. Includes 4 rings. With these rings (used either individually or together as a penis ring), the protector shell is tied using two fixing pins. A large number of spacers provides for a perfect, secure fit. Two identical locks ensure that it is impossible to take the NoPacha Eliminator off.


    After putting it on, the man is no longer able to get an erection or engage in sexual acts. The keyholder alone decides when the chastity cage can be opened and taken off.


    It can be worn over several hours or for longer periods of up to several months. The aim is to prevent the man from reaching orgasm. The tightness of the inner cage is already extremely painful at even the slightest hint of an erection. Of course the submissive man can occasionally be forced to ejaculate without getting an erection using our CUMELOT.


    In the event that the chastity belt is worn for a prolonged period of time, hygienic aspects should not be overlooked. The chastity belt should be removed every day when the wearer is washing and cleaned with VERYCLEAN spray. Some of our PLOWBOY caring gel should be rubbed onto the penis and testicles before putting it on.


    The protector shell has an edge protector made of rubber to make it comfortable to wear. The entire chastity device is quite unobtrusive, can be worn discreetly 24/7 and weights very little. The slotted hole in the protector shell allows for urination.


    Putting on the chastity belt:


    First, one or more rings are put around the testicle and penis. Then the two connecting pins are pushed through the rings. Using the different sizes of spacer, the perfect distance between the penis ring and protector shell is selected. The protector shell is put over the connecting pins and locked using the two padlocks.


    The individual parts of the chastity belt:


    • 4 rings each with 2 openings for the connecting pins 2 x 51 mm inner ø, 2 x 45 mm inner ø
    • Two connecting pins
    • Spacers to fit the pins
    • Protector shell (penis cage) with integrated penis tube
    • Edge protector
    • Two identical padlocks and 2x2 keys
    • Discrete velvet storage bag


    Further details:


    • The NoPacha Eliminator serves to keep men chaste.
    • NoPacha is a registered MEO trademark.
    • The NoPacha Eliminator offers numerous setting options and is therefore particularly well suited for inexperienced couples.
    • You can order the NoPacha Eliminator chastity belt online. An embarrassing visit to a sex shop is not necessary.






    Komplexe Sicherheit

    Die vollständige Verpackung des Genitals verhindert selbst das eigenständige Spielen an den Eiern. Allerdings erscheint mir diese Vorrichtung doch relativ groß, so dass ich mich bisher nicht zum Kauf entscheiden konnte.





        Guter Tragekomfort

        Ich habe diesen Keuschheitsgürtel für meinen Mann gekauft. Er meint, dass es der bequemste Keuschheitsgürtel war den er je benutzt hat.

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        Eine Erektion wird komplett verhindert.

        Der Keuschheitsgürtel ist sehr gut konstruiert und kommt mit mehreren Ringen. Er ist recht bequem und gut zu tragen. Das Produkt scheint sehr gut gemacht zu sein und ist wirklich solide. Der KG hat keine scharfe Kanten auf der Innenseite wie andere Keuschheitsgürtel, die ich getestet habe. Er lässt sich sehr gut über längere Zeit tragen und fällt nicht auf beim Tragen. Eine Erektion wird komplett verhindert.

        • 11 out of 11 people found this review useful.

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        NoPacha Eliminator - Sustained Chastity for Men

        NoPacha Eliminator - Sustained Chastity for Men

        The NoPacha Eliminator is a chastity belt for the man who wants to have control of his genitals taken away.

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